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How do I re-import a campaign...


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Please bear with me while I provide some background info...

I'm working on a Western Front US fighter campaign and am digging myself a hole.  I'm trying to tweak events by modifying the timetable.dcg file and the locations and territories.dcg files.  In that sense I realize it's no longer a true dynamic campaign.  This is my first attempt at a major campaign and it has been going OK but the missions have become extremely repetitive so I want to change things up.


To that end, I simulated an Allied invasion at Dieppe (Normandy isn't on the WF map) and have managed to swing the frontlines to just south of Abbeville and Amiens.  My original attempt via the TimeTable.dcg file for a bunch of Allied vehicles to show up at Dieppe beach didn't work so I'm "forcing" the issue so to speak.


My problem:  I mess around with some of the files and as one would expect, make mistakes.  I'd like to re-import the campaign file but the allcampaigns.dcg file doesn't show up after you've imported once already.

Is there a way around that?


Any info is appreciated.





P.S.  I tried just using the "Optional Third Party data Folder" option which does show the allcampaigns.dcg file but after loading that my "locations" are all messed up (that's probably un-related but thought I'd mention it).

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On another note, with regard to the territory.dcg file;  what do the quantities indicate (i.e.  allied=0  axis =30)?  I'm manipulating this file to put more allied than axis in certain locations but am wondering if there are any limitations or do's and don't s when doing this?


thanks again and apologies if this is a dopey question (I tried a search but came up empty, probably didn't use the right search word combo).

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If you are creating a campaign using the template files, you shouldn't have to re-import the campaign.  You'd just start it again from the beginning.


Here's a link to an old PDF on how to create campaigns.  It doesn't have all the latest features of DCG, but it should be enough to get you on track.




As for the troop numbers (i.e.  allied=0  axis =30), the show how much troop strength the location has for both sides.  Once one side gets to zero, the other side may advance past it.  It also helps determine ownership of the location (allied, axis, or contested).



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thanks for the info.  I guess I didn't phrase my question correctly.  I've created the campaign following those type of instructions and we've advanced quite far.  I had to 'force' a landing at Dieppe as the forces I put in the timetable.dcg didn't appear (I followed the transport instructions etc for including ships and off-loading but obviously did something wrong).  Anyway, I didn't want to re-start the whole campaign for our little online group so have been tweaking the key files (as I understand it) to move the campaign and the frontline along.  I know it's not truly dynamic anymore as I'm manipulating the campaign but it keeps things moving.


My friend is hosting the campaign online but I am the one who created it and have been tweaking it.  So he sends me the Export after we fly our last mission.  I adjust the timetable.dcg file (for example) to make sure there's armour in a particular area or trains etc and send it back.  While modifying files such as the timetable.dcg, territory.dcg etc I have made errors so I wanted to start over with the last Export I got but I've found that trying to re-import that the dcgimport.dcg file does not appear after you've already Imported.  I essentially have to delete that folder, go back to the Exported zip file, unzip and only then can I re-import. 


It's certainly not a showstopper, I was just curious if I was missing something or another method.


Regarding the Allied=0 etc, is there an upper limit on the quantity you can place in a location?


Thanks again.

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You can have one back up of the campaign (if you back it up under the Edit menu) and it automatically backs it up before each mission so you can unroll that mission (to retrieve it, also see under the Edit menu).  However, it's been awhile since I tested if these still work as there have been some new files added to DCG over the years (which I'm sure I added to the backups, but never actually tested).


The upper limit on quantity is defined on the "Ground War Editor" panel.  10,000 is the absolute upper limit. 

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I appreciate you taking the time to respond, thanks.  I'm sure you get a lot of these.


I'm progressing slowly and have added a couple of "captured" airfields (I added the appropriate information such as the map coordinates into the location.dcg file and updated the airfields.dcg and territory.dcg).


As I solve one problem I seem to create another.  As I mentioned, I'm placing columns using the timetable.dcg file but for some reason only some of the German columns are appearing.

To double check proper names I created a simple mission and placed some allied and axis vehicles on the map and used their proper name from the .mis file.  I followed the syntax required for the timetable.dcg but my allied vehs/tanks never show up in the generated mission.  Any idea what I might be doing wrong?


Here is a sample from the timetable.dcg (none of these columns show up in the mission)...

19440628 NewColumn 87_Chief Trains.Germany_EquipmentATrain/AA 2 @Dunkerque_Station $German_Equipment_Train
19440628 NewColumn 88_Chief Trains.Germany_FuelTrain/AA 2 @Bruges_Station $German_Fuel_Train
19440628 NewColumn 7_Chief Armor.4-M4A2_US 1 @Le_Treport $7th_US_Armor_Group ~A
19440628 NewColumn 8_Chief Armor.4-M4A2_US 1 @Le_Treport $8th_US_Armor_Group ~A
19440628 NewColumn 9_Chief Armor.4-M4A2_US 1 @Le_Treport $9th_US_Armor_Group ~A
19440628 NewColumn 10_Chief Armor.4-M4A2_US 1 @Le_Treport $10th_US_Armor_Group ~A
19440628 NewColumn 11_Chief Armor.4-M5A1Stuart 1 @Poix $11th_US_Armor_Group ~A
19440628 NewColumn 12_Chief Armor.4-M5A1Stuart 1 @Le_Treport $12th_US_Armor_Group ~A
19440628 NewColumn 13_Chief Vehicles.USACarsColumnD 1 @Le_Treport $13th_US_Motorized_Infantry ~A
19440628 NewColumn 14_Chief Vehicles.USACarsColumnH 1 @Le_Treport $14th_US_Motorized_Infantry ~A


I've double-checked spelling and syntax and made sure the date is correct, but can't see what is wrong with these lines.  Le_Treport is 'contested',  Poix is in Allied hands.  Dunkerque and Bruges belong to the Axis.

One thing I have noticed is that the "Allegiance" option in the DCG interface does not always match what is in the territory.dcg file (e.g.  I will have Poix as Allied (eg. allied=20 axis=0) but when checking in the DCG interface it will show Poix 'allegiance' as Axis.

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If you're editing the territory.dcg through a text editor, then you need to change the allegiance as well as troop numbers.  The lone number right after the name is the allegiance. 


1 = Allied

2 = Axis

0 = Contested/Neutral


So Gatow Airfield below is Axis controlled with 20 troops located there.

Gatow_Airfield 2 allied=0 axis=20
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yes, I understand that and have been doing just as you show here.  For example, I wanted Poix to be allied therefore have;    Poix 1 allied=100 axis=0


My problem now, as I mentioned is that 'new' columns in timetable.dcg aren't showing up when the mission is generated.

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Are you adding them on the fly?  As in, adding them to the timetable at the same time you expect them to appear?  For example, if the next mission will be July 8, 1942, you're putting them in the timetable.dcg after flying the July 7th mission?  If so, you're too late because that mission will have already generated.

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Oops!  I feel stupid.  I hadn't considered that. 

Just so I'm clear...

If DCG is showing 8 July 1942 and I put in a 'newcolumn' in timetable.dcg for 9 July 1942 then click on Generate then it is too late?  Is that correct?


So I should put in new columns two days ahead of the displayed date, yes??

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I was trying that but it was getting to be a real chore and still didn't seem to be working.  So i decided to do a campaign created properly by DCG for the Normandy 44 map and we are basically back on track.  I've left the WF44 map campaign alone for now.  I'll revisit it once I get better at understanding DCG files.

thanks for the help.

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FYI, I think I fixed things in the original campaign by...

1. Comparing the files required by the 'stock' Normandy44 campaign and the files being used by my scratch-built Western Front campaign.  I realized I was using some files that weren't essential for the campaign, specifically the timetable.dcg file (and others such as message.dcg).

2. I got rid of all files in my Western Front campaign that were not reflected in the Normandy44 campaign (back to basics so to speak).

3. I took the columns.dcg from the Normandy44 campaign (which I know works) and copied it over the one in my Western Front campaign, then I adjusted the location names in the Western Front columns.dcg file to reflect locations on the WF44 map.

4.  I've generated a couple of missions and the groundwar and the frontline seem to functioning as they should (i.e. columns are appearing for both sides, the frontlines are dynamic again).


This seems to have done the trick and the Western Front campaign is back on track and DCG is back in control of events instead of me trying to manipulate things.  There are a couple of front line "bubbles" on the map that the Allies control which are behind the main front line but we're explaining that away as airborne landings.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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