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Adding ships to IL2DCG 3.48


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I recently reinstalled IL2DCG 3.48 after a couple of years of not using it.


I generated a mission for Coral Sea.  When I started the mission I could see the stock USS Lexington and the USS Generic CV (Saratoga clone).


Since my HSFX 7.0.3 has had Additional Essex Class CV's and the three Yorktown Class CV's I experimented with the ship names file and the Coral Sea mission file.  First I made a copy of each original file and then I edited both files by changing the the ship associated with the name USS Yorktown to USSYorktownCV5_42 and changing the chief entry to USSYorktownCV5_42.  I then generated the mission and the USSYorktownCV5_42 appears when I play the mission.


I tried to do the same for the USS Lexington by changing the ship associated with it from USSLexingtonCV2 to USSLexingtonCV2_42 (8" turrets replaced with auad 1" AA)  and edited the mission file so this was reflected in the chief entry.  When I generated the mission and chose to play it the USSHornetCV5_42 appears, but the USS Lexington is gone.


Thank you,



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You will need to add them to the gobjects.dcg file in the DCG Data folder as well.  Something like this:


Ships.USSLexingtonCV2_42                                 1 0 0 0 1 1 1  None


And also in the shipnames.dcg file.  See other examples there to see how it's formatted.

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