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ARMA III Twitch Stream

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Hey guys! Today was a crazy day at my house, so I had to miss FiF. <_< 


However, when I got some free time tonight, I thought I'd try out an ARMA III showcase for some nice variety. It was a lot of fun!  B)  Here is the archived stream for those who are interested:


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Hey guys! I did another ARMA III stream this evening. This time I tried out putting a webcam in the video so you can actually see me while the mission progresses. I'm currently debating whether or not to keep it. The pros are that you can see my facial expressions etc. while the stream is going. I could also configure it so that it only shows my joystick and throttle while flight simming so viewers can see what I'm doing with my hands in dogfights, for instance. The cons are...I'm not sure how comfortable I am broadcasting my face all over the internet! :lol: Also, as some have noticed, it may detract from immersion in the stream. What are your thoughts, guys?


You can see the stream here:


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