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It would be great if RoF had a few more Belgian paint schemes and Belgian-flown aircraft in it.


They do have a very nice livery.


Me, I'm still hoping that RoF eventually includes the German-flown Halberstadt D.II. But based on what's coming in the pipeline, I don't think I'm going to see it in 2012.

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S! All


I think there is a large Belgian population playing RoF. Many of the HQ guys and I believe some of LesHellequins are Belgian.


This helps broaden the market and show appreciation for suporters. A very good move all round.


The addition of the channel map shows that new maps are possible. Eastern front? Middle east? Italian? The door has been opened.



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I wouldn't mind seeing an Eastern Front addition to Rise of Flight.


If the Western Front can be viewed mostly as static "trench-style" warfare, the Eastern Front was completely fluid "maneuver warfare". And that would be an excellent counter balance to what we currently have.

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