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Using the 7TP


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When the tanks are low fuel, they stop to move and become static.


About the 7TP, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7TP


DCG generates this (e.g.):

  39_Chief1 vehicles.artillery.Artillery$7TP 1 33370.00 16850.00 360.0 0.0 0


And it's wrong. the static 7TP don't spawn.


The good syntax is (e.g.):

  40_Chief1 vehicles.artillery.Artillery$_7TP 1 33390.00 16850.00 360.0 0.0 0


There is a "_" between the "$" and "7TP".


Can you fix it please?




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  38_Chief1 vehicles.artillery.Artillery$idiot 1 122500.00 115500.00 428.0 0.0 0
  38_Chief2 vehicles.artillery.Artillery$moron 1 122511.00 115504.00 428.0 0.0 0
  38_Chief3 vehicles.artillery.Artillery$bonehead 1 122522.00 115508.00 428.0 0.0 0
  41_Chief1 vehicles.artillery.Artillery$numbskull 1 166000.00 128500.00 406.0 0.0 0

There're some rotten fruits in Daidalos Team, I think...


I found the same problem about planes.

From the DCG class.dcg (wrong):

HS_129B3Wa                     HS-129 B-3/Wa                       de 2 4 0 194301 194612 none                           Hs-129B-3_Wa

From my own class.dcg (right):

HS_129B3Wa                     HS-129 B-3/Wa                       de 2 4 1 193901 194612 none                           Hs-129B-3/Wa

And you must add a staticplanes.dcg file.


Remember the italian tanks length names: 4-Semovente_751840. You were lucky this time. No need to change the string length parameter in your code...


Sir, if you need some help to check the dcg files, send me a PM.

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