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Country restricted payload


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In the stock DGen, there is a planes.dat file, which helps you specify payloads by country. For example, for the USSR, you can have a P_63 that only uses FAB bombs, but you can make American P_63's use 500lb and 1000 lb bombs.

My question is, is this posible in DCG? Because with that option, you could restrict plane roles. For example, you could allow british Avengers I/TBF1C to bomb but you could ban American Avengers I/TBF1C to bomb

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At the bottom, under [Examples] you'll find all the commands allowing missions/campaigns customization/creation.


BanPayload and NewPayload are what you need.



I read about BanPayload and NewPayload. However, they restrict or enable payloads by plane.

What planes.dat allows to do is something like

"every soviet P_39Q bomber uses FAB500; every american P_39Q bomber uses 1000lb bomb"

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I found sort of a solution for Lend Lease aircraft, like the P-39.

I add every payload (soviet and american bombs) to the allpayloads.dcg file and then, using timetable, as idefixx44 said, I ban some payloads and add the other ones. For example, if I'm in an American campaign, I ban all FAB's, but add 500 lb bombs for bombing role or something like that.

However, I can't think of a solution for different airforces in the same campaign. Like Royal Navy and US Navy and US Marines in the Pacific. For example, the TBF1. British used it as a bomber, but not Americans.

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So the problem with the existing structure in DCG (at least the offline campaign) is that payloads are determined by usage and not by nationality.  At any one time, an aircraft can only have one payload for use against low level/dive bombing, one for level bombing and one for anti-shipping.  I'd have to substantially rewrite the code (and data structures) to change that.


You have got me a little curious about trying, but I think it'll be too big a job to reasonably attempt (for something most players won't be all that interested in).

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