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multiplayer coop


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bear with me here game is vp modpack with all patches vers 4.12.2  DCG 3.49

I start dcg with no modes ticked & generate a campaign (both dcg compatablity mods installed & active jsgme on all players)

next i select mode online coop

next i makes adjustments thru the aircraft class, squaron etc.

click gereate mission...ok

load the game & lets say there are ~ 100 seats for red/blue availible in the list for players to select

I as the host can select & fly any of those seats,anyone who joins my game may only select the 1st 60 seats red or blue.lets say they take seat 60 blue

i will see them on the list as seat 20 red,yet when we fly they are in the aircraft they selected for seat 60 blue.

(blue =100-60=40 more seats which seem to roll over to top of the list so they end in 20red?)

once we are airborn I scroll thru the blue planes to locate them & they are tumbling along the surface of the game.exactly like they had a bad ping & lost conection.

yet while talking to them on TS3 they say alls well & yes they are in the aircraft they selected.

however they are unable to inflict or recieve any damage,they say they can see rounds impact & say the recieve hits but no damage.

so I create a new mission from the same camgaign with only 12 flyables all blue.

they may choose & fly any on the list & I see them in the correct seat in the seats list before I select fly

Yet they still show on my shft/F2 as tumbling along the surface & they still cannot inflict or recieve damge

also when host reloads a new mission other players Must disconnect & rejoin for the new mission does not load for them yet the host see's them in the room already

any suggestions or ideads what I am up against,I was only looking for a way to change up our weekly fly nite with 

some variety but now that 2 weeks have gone by my buddies are getting a lil impatient..lol

sample mission attached which BTW was created into missions/net/coop/DCG

Thnx  Gold




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I'm Using the ingame client host...sadly I dont have another pc to run a server. (thou thats what got me playing with DCG)

so we just finished our fri nite session & 1 player did not install the compatabilty mod & viewing him thru shft/F2 it was as if he

was disconnected the other player who did install the mod worked fine.

Issue tonite was "aircraft not created error" when selecting many blue planes. (vanila BF109 F & G's & red seat were under 50)

Or IF there are more than 60 Red seats in the mission then players joining me could not select avaible blue planes & they told me I was in a Red seat on their screen

when i fact I was in a blue.

so the question Now becomes is there a limit to the # of flyable seats (high #'s due to mass bombers) which is limiting the blue fyable slots ( me & my Buds are 109 adicts..LOL)

or is the Squadron designation affecting it?  I have tried reassigning aircraft from II_JG etc to g0100 etc but that has not made any change.

for in coop mode the squadron column always says None ?

Should the MDS be removed from the mis file..I understand that to mean mutiplaer dogfight server?

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It seems that clients with different versions of the modded game are able to join your session.

Some player install have a compatibility mod, some others havent it installed.

This can't works fine.

Have a try with a light mission (AI planes, moving columns etc) with all the clients connected with the same installation (actived mods) than the host (you).

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Idefix44 yes one player did not have matching mods enabled.

6 hours ago, idefix44 said:

Have a try with a light mission (AI planes, moving columns etc) with all the clients connected with the same installation (actived mods) than the host (you).


however one did & we continued to play after the other left for the nite.

with him & I playing there was still the "aircraft not created" error for both of us.

One mission we did play had only 24 red & 12 blue all aircraft playable for both of us.( I do not remeber of it was created with DCG though.)

and there were missions which he could not select availibe blue seats in which game (over 60 red seats) I was shown on his list to be in a red seat instead of blue.

He could not select a red seat over ~ seat 78  if there was more than 80 red seats & could select No blue seats in that mission,in this mission I would be in

seat 1 Blue(all seats availible to me) & show on his list in 20 Red yet I would fly my selected aircraft.

Does army 1 or army2 in the mis file have any infulence on this?

the mission in post#1  plays like that for us.

So to summarize, missions created with DCG which have over 60 red seats limit or disable Blue seats for players joining my game.

under 30 red seats there can be "aircraft not created " error or all works fine (sadly I did not take notes of which mission did what lastnite)

Another question is does online campaign work with the VP Modpack? my game freeze's the moment i click  the create button,so im assuming its not compatable.

it will only work for me if I disable mods & select stock game with the selector.

Thnx Gold



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host pc runs a xeon 5675  8 core processor @ 4ghz & 6g ram, max ram use running as host is 3.2

I beleive my issue maybe with not disabling enough aircraft in the flyable list working on that now once I have edited the list the red seats should be very low

& prefered blue seats wont be cluttered with other non prefered aircraft.

Thnx gold


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I have sorted out my aircraft problems.

1: start dcg select the lil airplane button then go thru the aircraft class list in dcg  & switch all planes to NO under the flyable by players box. (it takes a lil while..LOL)

NOTE: ALL BUT the planes you want flyable in the missions you create,then be sure to save on  the custom mission screen

2: "aircraft not created" appeared to be due to incorrect plane upgraded/down grade I had selected, I reset those back to what they were
& all seems to be doing what i want it to now.

upgrade was same as the plane I was editing & downgrade was none


I have !!00_PAL-MissionProCombo-v4122 in the #SAS folder so a (-) in frt to disable correct?   -!!00_PAL-MissionProCombo-v4122

I will test that & then add the combo + if you are saysing that multiplayer campaign's work with the VP Modpack

Thnx Gold

-!!00_PAL-MissionProCombo-v4122 allowed the campaign to function THNX

the combo + patch also fixed it

Thnx again Gold


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If you are playing "coop" mode (not campaign), you can set DCG to "dogfight" mode and then go to the squadron panel and set all the squadrons you want to "IA Only", and then switch it back to "coop" mode before generating the mission. 

I don't know how long this has been a bug, because you should be able to switch them in "coop" mode.  I will fix this soon....

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what I found worked best was opening the squadrons.dcg after generatinf a new campaign & making everything but the planes I wanted to fly Ai Only

I get a plane selection screen in the game of 8 planes only. if the buddies want otherss its simply opening the file again & switch as nessasry.

using 3.50b I do get many "is not a valid integer errors  but if I recreate the campaign/ovwerite it stops.

Thnx this is going to work out well. 


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