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where are the referance files for locations.dcg & territory.dcg aquired from?

reason I would like to add an airfield to Mountians 43  camapaign (airfield is already present but name unknown to me)

my buddies & I have a coop mission for this map that we really enjoy mountians

& I would like to expand on that.

I have added an airfield location to the locations.dcg & territories.dcg as well as to both bak & bkl for each in the backups named Valley_Airfield.

like so


Lake_Plevok 2 1704.17 27699.28
Porozovskoe 2 9101.69 27299.45
Starchenskoe_Airfield 2 12715.52 27037.5
Olegovo 2 14632.6 24100.6
Olegovo_Bridge6 2 16100.0 24500.0
River_Nikuda_Bridge4 2 20500.0 23700.0
River_Nikuda_Bridge5 0 22300.0 22500.0
Mishki_Airfield 1 23846.7 19147.5
Kuznetsovki 1 30573.31 13306.33
Dimki 1 34702.98 12296.71
Miroshniki 1 38221.44 10301.66
Ilyuhino 1 42328.15 18100.28
Egorovo 1 45389.53 31300.92
Valley_Airfield 2 17434.45 17607.19   << Added

and to teritories

Olegovo_Bridge6 2 allied=0 axis=20
River_Nikuda_Bridge4 2 allied=0 axis=20
Valley_Airfield 2 allied=0 axis=20                      <<< Added
River_Nikuda_Bridge5 0 allied=50 axis=50
Mishki_Airfield 1 allied=20 axis=0
Kuznetsovki 1 allied=20 axis=0

the Valley shows in DCG airfeild list (after above edits) however when selected the mission creates does not use the Valley Airfield for the selected aircraft

I suspect I would have to edit allcampaigns.dcg also but I wanted the default base to remain the main base 

so I'm guessing that the airfield I'm trying to name either allready has a name? or I'm missing a refeance file loaction?

where could some one find referance file for map NetMountians43 listed in FMB under Other/Mountians ehich would show airfield names?

Thnx Gold



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As usual, backup all the files you'll modify.

First, in the data folder inside the DCG folder, locate the corresponding .rds file. Leave it open.

Try to find the location nearest to the airfield. Say it's Olegovo. Open a new mission in FMB (in NetMountains, of course)and add a land chief (vehicle or tank or whatever whatever) .First point should be on Olegovo and last waypoint must be close to (BUT NOT OVER*) the runway at Valley_Airfield. Save.
Now, go to where the corresponding .mis file, open it with notepad and go to the chief waypoint you just added.


Copy them


Back in the .rds file that you opened, write
[ Olegovo to Valley_Airfield]


and below that, paste the waypoints you just copied and save. There you go.



*If you place it over the runway, planes will spawn perfectly, but tank, vehicles and other caravans will start/end exactly over that waypoint, which could make them crash with airplanes


There is a great DCG guide by Tailspin that, while a little outdated, will teach you the basics



Edit: don't be afraid to break things up. If you look at my profile, you can see that plenty of my post are asking for help because I broke stuff.

-respect tabulation as if it was your mom's will.
-if an Allied squadron starts in Axis territory it's because you need to add it to squadsid
-DCG doesn't like chief companies too much, so try to refrain from using them
-sometimes, even if you have an error and delete every file from DCG and campaigns created with it, and reinstall DCG from the file you downloaded it, the error will persist, so it's better to find the error instead of deleting everything (sometimes, you will have to delete the campaign you were playing, though)
-when you have an error, read the error description, so you have a clue
-and a life advice (not only DCG), a great way to learn is answering people's questions

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As Fhechene has said, you actually have to add a route to the .rds file.  It will automatically populate the territory and locations file (however, there's is a good chance it will also mess them up in the process as it's not designed to have edits mid-campaign).  So it's best to back the campaign up and then add it to the rds file, see where it appears in the territory and locations files and then manually edit your back up file to slide it in.

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Yes ty  I did 2x apparenlty  due to c/p lol [Wagner_Stadt_Airfield to Water_Tower] & [Water_Tower to Lake_Plevok]

I only made the water tower location due to trying to keep the routes under 1.5 hrs

I was going to build s town @ the location but then others would not have my map & a simple name seemed more parctical.

Thnx for noticing Gold



I forgot to add the locations file

Edited by Goldguru
I forgot to add the locations file
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