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Tatzelwurm in Mirror Mirror


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That's really cool.


I've always really liked cryptozoology, and the Tatzelwurm specifically.


Obviously, it's a legendary creature from the Alps. However, interestingly enough, I've heard that there was a German comic strip in the 1930s which featured one as a character. I've never seen this comic or even know what it was called, so this could be apocryphal, but supposedly the I./JG 3 and II./JG 1 early war emblem was inspired by (and even looks like) that comic character.


According to a few websites I've seen on the subject, it's a Tom & Jerry type thing, with the Tatzelwurm (in the Jerry role) living the high-life by taking advantage for the Farmer (in the Tom role). The Tatzelwurm steals apples, milk, etc. And the farmer can never seem to catch him.

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