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DCG Campaign start but no way to play it ... please help me


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Hi, very sorry to bother you

I have all the IL2 versions but I still love the old DBW and many campaigns for it.

I already used DCG years ago on 4.12 and it worked fine

Now I am not able to play any DCG campaign (3.47 version) in my DBW modded, but tried in vanilla DBW too, but no way ....

So, spent many many hours, I can assure you, to install and generate the campaign (Carrier Operations) but no way to play it ... so I  tried to reinstall dcg and then other campaigns (Markus) and I tried also stock dcg campaigns, then I reinstalled a vanilla DBW and again tried again the whole process etc ... I made tens of test and checks etc .. but no way!

I am not an expert but in these years I think I have a good know how to install maps, planes, ships etc ... so I do not understand what can be wrong with my DCG installation ...
I never have problems with any static campaign or dgen campaign in my modded DBW, but as I wrote I also tried with the vanilla DBW without any success ...

The problem with DCG campaigns are always the same: when the mission starts I never can be in my cockpit, I just see the landscape (sometimes beautiful morning landscape with rising sun ...) ... with Shift+F2 I can see all AI planes starting their engines etc, but never my plane, as if my plane does not exist and only AI planes are in the mission.

So is there any help to solve that problem ?

As I wrote, I already spent so many hours to try to make it working ... I am "desperate"  o_O ;) ...

Well, not so desperate, I can live without it ... but, really, I would appreciate to play it ...

any help would be very very appreciated

thank you for your time


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