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Axis supply rate and Squadron supply rate


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Our little coop group is currently doing the DCG (v3.49) Marianas campaign and attacking Saipan.  I originally had 1/Squadron/week as the Axis supply rate but despite decimating the Bettys and Vals etc in over a dozen plus missions the same number always come up to meet us.  I have recently switched the Axis supply rate to 20% but that doesn't seem to have made a difference.  All the Axis planes, no matter how many we shoot down seem to respawn in the next mission with the same quantity.

What am I missing?

On a separate note, even though we are usually tasked with escorting SBDs to Saipan we are forced to do CAP over the fleet as the DCG tasked CAP goes tearing off to the end waypoint of the fleet first leaving the fleet totally exposed to the incoming Bettys and Vals.  I have had to manually enter a couple of flights of friendly AI over the fleet (it's easier than rearranging the AI CAP waypoints) to compensate for the "missing" DCG tasked AI CAP.  The SBDs and TBMs always seem to do a good job on Saipan regardless but there doesn't seem to be any progress with regard to actual landings despite troop ships apparently heading that way again (the first attempt was attacked by a single Emily which was apparently enough to put off the entire invasion).

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I may answer some of your questions out of order, but hopefully I won't miss any.

Saipan is one of the older campaigns that I designed so some of the design decisions I made that worked back then, might not work now.  For example, CAP tearing off to the end waypoint as it anticipates the fleet moving at a much faster pace.  The other one is landings.  I've added a command to make them more aggressive/certain and I'd have to check the actual data files for Marianas but it's possible the road file isn't set up right for the latest landing code.  You could try adding the following (below) to the timetable.dcg file.  Where XXX_Beach is the name of the landing site on Saipan.  You can add one for each other island, YYY, etc,  as well.

19441006 PriorityLandingSite Allied = XXX_Beach
19441006 PriorityLandingSite Allied = YYY_Beach

As for Axis replacements, it's hard to say what's happening.  Are you playing with just a single flight/squadron?  If so, you won't see any impact until you shoot down a dozen or so from the squadron.  Also, if you're using "Aircraft Downgrades" option, all units will stay at full strength, they'll just fly a crappier version of the plane they're assigned. 

I don't have a lot of time to do debugging of old campaigns right now, but hopefully in August I'll have more time.

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