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Minsk to Moscow DCG Campaign


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Does anyone have a download of Vonofterdingen's Minsk to Moscow DCG Campaign?

It is available online via Mission4Today but the site apparently has issues securing user login info (passwords, email).  You can "safely" visit the site as a guest and not login at all, but of course you cannot download anything as a guest.

So just wondering if anyone has the campaign .zip file in Google Drive or something.




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Thanks, I am aware but that's not what I was getting at.  I've registered years ago.

My concern is that, recently, the site doesn't secure member login and other information.  Virtually all legitimate websites now encrypt this info, for obvious reasons, but M4T does not.  Visiting as a guest and not logging is "relatively" harmless (though even that is probably not recommended either), but in order to download anything you have to log in - and therein lies the problem.  I'm not saying M4T is doing this deliberately or otherwise vilifying the site, but it is a concern.

M4T is literally the only site I visit that has this issue.  Not prepared to risk it just to download one file that I don't necessarily need.

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