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Unicode in ru language


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Hello! Not sure it's a bug, but nevertheless

Ranks in the briefing are not displayed in Unicode
in debriefing correctly.

The same problem have the awards.
On the screen highlighted in green - Ranks in the debriefing, red - awards

DCG 3.49; 3.50. in the options I chose Russian and Native Ru.Prop

Native Ru.Prop turned off as well, it does not affect the issue

Sorry for the machine translation🙁




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Yes, of course.

At the same time I added some other parties to the conflict :) as it was there, some have a couple of text files, others do not, and in different versions of IL-2.

Also, what was created with the campaign in the DGen folder, and added recently with the generated campaign, unfortunately there are no awards yet.

And what can switch to the Russian version of the game, but it should be 4.14.1.

If there is anything else you need, I will add.


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Here is an extract from readme to the localization switching patch:



Other Changes & Improvements

- Update 4.14.1 is made multilingual and universal. It is equally suitable for updating previous versions of the game with different publishers, 1C and Ubisoft. Previously updates were subdivided into the Russian version of RU (contained Russian and English localization) and the international version of INT (contained English, German, French, Czech, Hungarian, and Polish localizations). Now update 4.14.1 contains all available localizations at once.

- Update 4.14.1 also brings the game files released by various publishers 1C and UbiSoft to a single version. For example, for this version the update includes files from very old updates: fb_3do08p.SFS, fb_3do09p.SFS, fb_3do10p.SFS, fb_3do20.SFS.

- For the il2fb.exe file, support for the command key "-locale" has been added. With it, you can set the game at startup displayed language localization. Valid key values are "ru", "us", "de", "fr", "cs", "pl", "hu".

Example usage: "il2fb.exe -locale de".
Without using this key when starting the game, the language localization is set from the configuration file "conf.ini", in the section "[rts]", the key is "locale".

- Support for the "-codepage" command line key has been added for the il2fb.exe file. With it, you can set the game when you start a forced code page. Valid key values are "Cp1250", "Cp1251", "Cp1257", "CJIS".

Example usage: "il2fb.exe -locale ru -codepage Cp1251".
Without using this key when starting the game, the code page necessary for language localization is detected automatically.

- Also the il2fb.exe file supports the command key "-conf". With it, you can set the game to start using a custom configuration file (conf.ini) instead of the standard one located in the root folder of the game.

- The update includes additional standardized files il2fb.exe. They are located in the "EXE" subfolder of the games root directory. The files differ in the parameters of the use of RAM by the Java gaming machine, support for console mode, and support for mods. For versions of the il2fb.exe files that support mods, the file includes a wrapper.dll file. If any non-standard executable files are detected in the root folder of the game, the game will not start. Mods are supported by the generally accepted way of reading the content of the "MODS" subfolder.  The mods themselves must be compatible and adapted to version 4.14.1 of the patch. The only limitation when using versions of il2fb.exe files with mods support is that when connecting in a network game to a dedicated server (Dedicated Server) the host and client versions must be identical.


I do not know how to hide under the spoiler.

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Yes, thank you, it's working! However, the award has not yet received, the bomber leader was shot down by anti-aircraft guns :)

But I think everything will be just as good there.


However, another problem has not been fixed, I did not immediately talk about it, thinking that it is similar to the previous ones.

In general, some units do not show up in the debriefing of the destroyed ones:


It says Destroyed near ..., but who is unknown, on the screen you can see that these are tanks. It was the same with some others, but I do not know with which ones.)

I attach the campaign folder.

No other problems noted )


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7 minutes ago, Lowengrin said:

It's looking for files called rank_ru.properties and award_ru.properties which you probably don't have as your rank.properties and award.properties are already in Russian. 

No, no, it's fine, I was wrong and confused :).

2 minutes ago, Lowengrin said:

Try adding the attacmessages_ru.dcghed file to your DCG/DATA folder.  It was missing the <TYPE> tag in the sentence.

Okay, I will.

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No translation is required for words between < >.

Here they are (sorry, more than I thought!):

  Sea Patrol Mission
  Carrier Strike

  Details determined by players.
  Select your airbase and aircraft before proceeding.
  Select your aircraft before receiving the day's briefing.
  Fly a sweep between <TGTNAME1> and <TGTNAME2>

  The squadron has been re-named <SQUAD>.
  <PILOT> has transfered to <SQUAD>.
  A <PLANE> was damaged beyond repair.
  Glider troops seize <TGTNAME>.
  The following pilots have five or more kills.
  <PILOT> based at <BASE> has <COUNT> kills.
  <PILOT> based aboard the <BASE> has <COUNT> kills.
  Squadrons currently based at <BASE>:
  Squadrons currently based aboard the <BASE>:

  damaged <BRIDGE>.
  destroyed a friendly <TYPE> and is hereby reprimanded.
  sank a <TYPE> and is hereby reprimanded.
  flew as a <PLANE> gunner for <SQUAD>.
  having bailed out, hitched a ride back to the airfield.
  was seriously wounded.

  Damaged <BRIDGE>.
  Destroyed a friendly <TYPE> and was reprimanded.
  Sank a <TYPE> and was reprimanded.
  Flew as a <PLANE> gunner for <SQUAD>.
  <PLANE> damaged beyond repair.
  Was seriously wounded.

  Wind at <WINDSPEED> km/hr, <WINDDIRECTION> degrees

  Squadron Information
  Airfield Information
  Ace Information
  Campaign Victory Conditions
  Player's Crew
  Last Mission Debrief
  Pilot Losses
  Awards & Promotions
  Other News
  Active Airfields
  Server Information
  Distance to Target

  Friendly forces must capture <TGTNAME>.
  Friendly forces must take <TGTNAME>.
  Sink <PERCENT>% of enemy <TYPE>s.
  Hold out until <DATE>.
  Destroy <PERCENT>% of enemy <TYPE>s.


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Beta version of translation from machine to human😀

  Миссия Морской Патруль
  Удар авианосной авиации

  Детали определяются игроками.
  Прежде чем продолжить, выберите авиабазу и самолет.
  Выберите свой самолет перед получением дневного инструктажа.
  Летайте в промежутке между <TGTNAME1> и <TGTNAME2>.

  Эскадрилья была переименована в <SQUAD>.
  <PILOT> переведен в <SQUAD>.
  <PLANE> был поврежден безвозвратно.
  Планеры захватывают <TGTNAME>.
  У следующих пилотов пять и более сбитых.
  <PILOT>, основанный на <BASE> имеет <COUNT> сбитых.
  <PILOT> на борту <BASE> имеет <COUNT> сбитых.
  Эскадрильи, базирующиеся в настоящее время на <BASE>:
  Эскадрильи, базирующиеся в настоящее время на <BASE>:

  поврежден <BRIDGE>.
  уничтожил дружественный <TYPE> и получает выговор.
  потопил <TYPE> и получает выговор.
  летал как <PLANE> стрелок для <SQUAD>.
  выпрыгнув из машины, он поймал попутку и вернулся на аэродром.
  был тяжело ранен.

  Поврежден <BRIDGE>.
  Уничтожил дружественный <TYPE> и получил выговор.
  Затопил <TYPE> и получил выговор.
  Летал в качестве <PLANE> стрелок для <SQUAD>.
  <PLANE> поврежден и не подлежит ремонту.
  Был тяжело ранен.

  Ветер <WINDSPEED> км/ч, <WINDDIRECTION> градусов.

  Информация об эскадрилье
  Информация об аэродромах
  Информация об Асах
  Условия Победы В Кампании
  Ваша группа
  Разбор полетов
  Потери пилотов
  Награды и продвижения по службе
  Другие новости
  Активные аэродромы
  Информация о сервере
  Расстояние до цели

  Дружественные силы должны захватить <TGTNAME>.
  Дружественные силы должны захватить <TGTNAME>.
  Потопить <PERCENT>% вражеских <TYPE>s.
  Продержитесь до <DATE>.
  Уничтожьте <PERCENT>% вражеских <TYPE>s.

  _Взлетно-посадочная полоса
  _Заводской район
  _Железная дорога
  _Зона высадки



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Подредактировал ещё раз. Дело в том, что многие слова имеют привязку к событиям или к определенному контексту, а в нашем языке от этого зависит, какое слово или построение фразы будет выбрано. Я подчеркнул спорные моменты. Надо в игре смотреть, тогда понятно станет, что имеется ввиду )

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