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Star Wars: Squadrons.


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Is anyone playing this? I picked it up today out of curiosity, and an itch that needed scratching for those old X-Wing vs TIE Fighter games. So far it's been bloody good fun, although I feel like there could be some performance improvements. Frame rate feels half of what it should be, like the renderer is only pushing to 60 FPS or something despite running 144mhz refresh.

Optimisation issues aside, it's pretty faithful in many ways to the older games... although not perfect by any means. My biggest gripe, is that there's no Track IR support... despite it being able to fully support VR. Seems odd to have VR but no headtracking.

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Definitely playing.  There are a bunch of us, though we haven't be able to get together yet.

Here is a link to the private area where we've been discussing things:


Would be great to get a bunch of people one.  As you said, it's not perfect.  But a lot of fun!

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