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  1. S! SCG_Neun, Like inform on the SCG Forum, I will be available for Air support... if possible! Cheers, GenMarkof
  2. S! Vogel, Stay safe and I really hope everything will go better to better in the next few days! Cheers, GenMarkof
  3. S! I might be online this afternoon for a few missions on the Finnish Server (IL2 BOX). When: Thursday, January 14 Time: 2:30 pm (EST) Server: Finnish Server (if available)! ps: if anyone wants to learn how to fly any Allied planes... I might be able to help! Best YT channel to learn from WW1 to DCS jets: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwV5RLX7mkaDy5gTIiuwGmg Cheers, GenMarkof AAR: I had a great time today with: JG1_Loopy, JG1_Etzel, JG1_Ted We did a bombing attack on the German No 2 Rear Depot with 4 x P38J Did also get a 109 coming back
  4. S! @Vonrd, If you have some time in the next few days, I think some of us (me, Lipfert, Wittmann) would need a small intro about the chat box app. On my part, it's more to find that .ini file so I can modify the key mapping, since I don't have numpad with my keyboard (Corsair short version). It really looks great, when watching the video... Any problem with your computer using it.. glitch, lag,...? Cheers, GenMarkof
  5. S! Vonrd, I don't have a numpad with my keyboard! Can I modify the keys after I get the .ini file of this app? Cheers, GenMarkof
  6. S! All, This song is 35 yrs old in 2020 (so 36 yrs now).... Still fresh as a box of wetwipes? or almost! What best song to listen in this time of Covid-19! Cheers
  7. S! All. The new Formula 2013 skin for our no 1 driver - Jasta 11 - JG1RT - No 68 Ted Hough... Cheers , --------
  8. S! Lee, I don't think so... If I'm not flying in Flanders, I think that I will take my Saturday's like they should be (off and doing other stuff!). Hope everyone are able to handle those trees showing and removing them self each time you turn and look a new place! Cheers, Gen
  9. S! All, A Quick photo shoot of my new skin for team Jasta 11 - JG1RT... for the Formula 1 - 2013 Challenge starting January 18. For this new paint job, I tried to create a camo-carbon effect so that It would look good for a futuristic look with our main sponsor (XBox). Another paint job will be done for our No 1 Driver - Ted Hough! Enjoy! GenMarkof ------
  10. S! All, On my part, I just want to say that I may pass on this new Flanders... And this is not because the missions are not fun (same for this great WW1 event)... but I have a very hard problem flying over the mountains and trees that appears and disappear each time I change my view on this map. Last time I made a run with Butzzell, I had to stop after a few minutes because of those trees... even if my game settings are Max out for visuals. I'm not asking any changes, since I know that Butzzell work very hard on this new Flanders... but It was important to explain my no play on thi
  11. S! SCG_Neun, That looks like a great mission! I will try to make it... may want soon to try out being with Air Force... but not before doing next mission in a tank! Cheers mate, GenMarkof
  12. Happy New Year to all... The lights of the new Champlain Bridge are not showing on this photo... but on the right side window, I can see a bridge with white, green and red lights for the Holidays! This is the view you get living on an Island! Cheers, GenMarkof
  13. S! Any hours are good Etzel... Cheers, GenMarkof
  14. S! If anyone is on vacation this week... like me! Why not jump this afternoon EST time for some co-op missions with the North America and European squadrons!!! I will be online around 1:30-2:00 EST on the Finnish server or other if full. Would be fun to get a few fighters and some low level bombers for a few missions into enemy side. Tankers are always welcome! Cheers, GenMarkof
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