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  1. S! Congrats to all and congrats to all red pilots! Cheers, Gen
  2. S! Butzzell, At what time do we meet again! Was it at 1pm or 2pm eastern time? Cheers, Gen
  3. S! Vonrd, Last thing, any rules about naming the skins or forum post link about it? Thanks again for your help! Cheers, Gen
  4. S! Vonrd, Thanks, will look at them this weekend to add my new JG1 emblem. Does this include the FC skins? Cheers, Gen
  5. S! Butzzell, Again, I want to take a minute to thank Butzzell for all the hard work preparing these events so that we can go in the sky and have fun each weekend of the FIF event. If I could create a JG1 medal, this would go to Butzzell and Kliegmann that work many hours per week so that we can have fun over the sky of Europe and Russia! If you can, try to take some time to say thanks to all that works behind these events that JG1 or other squadron organize! Cheers, Gen PS: Butzzell, my offer to donate a new game is always available... think about it!
  6. S! All, Found more information yesterday,... If you look good, you will see that he is lighting is cigarette with a ( .... ) - magnifying glass!!! Talk about a real man Cheers, Gen
  7. Some information I found about the photo I use for my JG1 profile... This picture was first published in the 1943 book "Balkenkreuz Über Wüstensand: Falbbirderwerk des Deutschen Afrikakorps" (The Balkan Cross over Desert Sand: A Color Picture Book of the German Africa Corps) by Gerhard Stalling. It shows a Luftwaffe officer with the rank of Oberleutnant playing cards in the North African desert with cigarette in his mouth. Pretty sloppy don't you think, when we know that he is actually a medical officer (note the serpent-entwined rod in his schulterklappen!). The equivalent rank for the Oberleutnant (First Lieutenant) in the medical service is Oberarzt. Looks like he had seen action for some time, based from the Eisernes Kreuz II.Klasse ribbon in his uniform. He also wears a Luftwaffe version of "knautschmütze" (crusher cap) which, basically a crushed schirmmütze (visor cap) Source: Book "Balkenkreuz Über Wüstensand: Falbbirderwerk des Deutschen Afrikakorps" by Gerhard Stalling http://lescolverts.forumactif.org/t135p45-la-luftwaffe-en-couleurs
  8. S! Lipfert, Here is the sequence to download the Caterham Academy skins... Remember, you need to put the skin of Will and Obvious in the right folder of the Caterham car skins!!! In the race-series-skins: Download this one first: JG1_Snaggle (Gordon) 08/25/2019 Ludwig and Jacobson skin for Caterham Psyc (Will)08/25/2019 My skin for the Caterham =GenMarkof007=09/04/2019 No 17 JG1RT GenMarkof - Caterham Academy skin - left side driver ! Just download in your AC main folder. =GenMarkof007=09/04/2019 No 25 JG1RT George Klaiber - Caterham Academy skin - confirm left side driver ! Just download this content folder in your AC main folder. =GenMarkof007=09/04/2019 No 59 JG1RT Michael Langness - Caterham Academy skin - confirm left side driver ! Just download this content folder in your AC main folder. =GenMarkof007=09/05/2019< No 27 JG1RT Andrew Carey - Caterham Academy skin - confirm left side driver ! Just download this content folder in your AC main folder. and the full Caterham Academy 2017 skins https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/caterham-academy-2017-skins.20545/ ps: these, need to be in the Left and Right folders of the Caterham Folders. With these, you should be able to view all skins of the series! Cheers, Gen
  9. S! All JG1 members and other squadrons, I just got this message this morning and I think that some of you might want to read this and join me soon in Wolfpack to hunt ships around the world! I was watching this game for a few months waiting for this new Single player option... read the PS section... would love to see a few sub pack hunting a convoy! Cheers, Gen -------------------- Ahoy Subsim members ! When we released Wolfpack many of you reached out to me and said, "But Onkel, I don't really play multiplayer. Please let me know when Wolfpack has a single player mode". Well my friend, the devs heard you and that day is here: it is my great pleasure to tell you that we just released the Wolfpack Lone Wolf single player package. Now you can have the same authentic u-boat experience but easily manage your boat solo if you choose. If you already own Wolfpack (thank you for your support!), you can go to Steam now and update your game. If you have been waiting for the right time to buy Wolfpack, there's no better time than now. You can get the game with the Lone Wolf single player update all for the same price as the original game. Just check out the terrific reviews! https://store.steampowered.com/app/490920/Wolfpack/ And we're not stopping here, no sir. The devs have a lot more amazing stuff to add to the game: a campaign mode featuring a highly detailed and authentic Scapa Flow mission with patrols, nets, blockships, and tidal factors. That is something never done by any subsim. Then we'll build a historic campaign mode with missions like Running Gibraltar, Operation Drumbeat, and D-Day; dedicated servers for 24/7 World of Wolfpack, save game functions, and that Holy Grail of all u-boat sims--playable destroyers for massive player vs player convoy battles. That's what your purchase of Wolfpack buys you. So, get your copy of Wolfpack now and enjoy the most realistic u-boat combat simulator ever. Your support means the game will continue to evolve and grow. Good hunting! Onkel Neal SUBSIM PS: Now with the single player mode it is easy to start a mission solo and allow other players to join the battle in their own subs as part of a wolfpack during your game. This really ramps up the action and makes the destroyers work extra hard to cover the whole convoy when it is being attacked from all sides! You can use the u-boat radio to communicate with any other captains. If other players join, great; if not, no problem, your game goes on solo. PPS: We also added a training mode and a quick encounter mode for immediate action!
  10. Read this: 50. It's possible to repair in aircraft when it is near an object with the service parameter set to On in the mission file. Repairs start automatically when the engines shutdown procedure is complete;51. It's possible to refuel in aircraft when it is near an object with the service parameter set to On in the mission file. The refueling process can be started and stopped using the new commands and only possible if the engines are shut down;52. It's possible to rearm in aircraft when it is near an object with the service parameter set to On in the mission file. The rearming process can be started and stopped using the new command and only possible if the engines are shut down; P.S. To add a custom photo to your airplane or tank cockpit you should replace existing default DDS image by another one in: <game_folder>\data\graphics\planes\<airplane_folder>\textures\custom_photo.dds or <game_folder>\data\graphics\vehicles\<_tank_folder>\textures\custom_photo.dds DDS image should be 1024x1024 in DXT5 ARGB 8bpp with mip-maps Cheers, Gen ;)
  11. S! Vonrd, No problem, my post was only for those that need to learn about the Kuban map. I'll let all pilots decide what they want to do tonight. Cheers, Gen
  12. S! All JG1 pilots, For those that would like to learn navigating over the Kuban map (for the Rule the sky operation starting next week). I will be online tonight on the AKA Expert server (since we can fly on the Kuban map, mostly alone with AI enemies) around 9pm eastern. Remember, the WW server will be in Expert mode, meaning that you won't be able to see any icon's on the map and we are starting the first week in Winter 1942 (yes, just a white ground, even over rivers! Since most of our planes are paid with resources, why not start flying from our (4) German Airfield and learn the Kuban map. Hope to see you up over the Russian sky! Cheers, Gen When: Sept. 25 @ 9 pm eastern time Il2 MP Server: AKA Expert Server (with AI) Map: Kuban
  13. S! All, Just got a newsletter from Gefuv (french squadron newsletter), and one of the title was... sneak preview in high-definition of the Bodenplatte map! So just click this link and enjoy this new map Bodenplatte sneak preview map. Soon on your main screen! Another link for great news about flight Sims: https://stormbirds.blog/ Cheers, Gen ps: I've got a copy of the JPEG Bodenplatte map, I will paste it inside the II./JG1 TS web browser.
  14. S! JG1 race pilots, Don't forget that we are starting the Caterham Academy Series tomorrow night. If you didn't get some time out on the track, I would suggest that you take at least 1 hour before the race to get to know this race car. Hope to see you all tomorrow night. Cheers, Gen ps: if you never came to a race, don't forget, we have a password for the race server, please see that you have it before the race time.
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