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  1. S! Very well made Larner... And well documented! Always fun to learn about a squadron and the paint skins. Cheers, Gen
  2. S! Congrats to all above and to the red team for a great battle last Saturday! Cheers, Gen
  3. S! All, Just saw that Il2 Sturmovik started a great sales on many of the Great Battles packages, on collector planes and giving a 10% off the new Great Battle title ( Battle of Normandy )! So go see the sales and see you in the sky over Europe and soon Normandy! https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-normandy/ Cheers, Gen
  4. S! Snaggle, Just a bit weird what happen between laps 4th and 5th? ObviousMan was 1st, and the Polos went 1st with a time of 0:25? Might be a bug or a pit stop, not sure. Cheers, Gen
  5. S! All, Might have a new strategy for tomorrow FIF - Nov. 23. It's in the Red Team Discussion of Flanders in Flames. Cheers, Gen a+
  6. S! Hotlead, If I found the solution to have it in Englsih, the complete setup will be available to anyone wanting to play that great game! Cheers, Gen a+
  7. S! All, I've found last night a link to download the full version of RED BARON 3D working with most of the WINDOWS (and 10). Only problem (for me), the version is in German... So a bit hard to know what tab to click in the game. But, it says that I can copy the folder /SINGLE of an English original Red Baron 3D CD and the game will be in English. So if any of you guys still have somewhere the CD... Feel free to let me know if you can copy that folder and send it to me! Thanks Gen ------------------------------------ For those that would like to have the link for this version, here you go: Download: https://www.replaying.de/files/red-ba... It's Red Baron 3D (Red Baron II) Gameplay on Windows 7 (x64) with 3dfx Glide (Glide Wrapper), Full HD
  8. S! Etzel, I might be online this afternoon. Always open to practice for the next FIF this Saturday. Cheers, Gen
  9. Submitting some FC skins ask by Schafer... Albatros D.VA Fokker DR.1 Fokker D.VII or Fokker D.VIIF Skin ZIP package Schafer_FC_skins.zip
  10. S! JG1_Wittman, I must say that we had a great time with you and Etzel Saturday pm... Same for Sunday with Beans, you and Nicholas! Since most of the map are smaller, from other MP server (missions), flight action seem's to be very fast with very good pilots / squadrons on the Russian side (SF)! Having troops on the ground, gives a higher feeling when flying over hot sectors (need to know where to bomb). Will try to make it mostly on weekends for MP action. Thanks again Wittman for the E-Front server. Cheers mate, Gen
  11. S! Butzzell, If possible, can you have the FIF practice MP server up in the week so we can try the new planes before Saturday. Same for the Friday Nights. Cheers, Gen
  12. S! Pfeil, Can you tell me where I can change the low latency? Cheers, Gen
  13. S! WaNTRD, I will try to make it maybe Sunday since we have FIF on Saturday. What are you missing? Attackers or tank crew. I'm pretty good with BF110 or JU87. Cheers mate, Gen
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