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  1. Your In-Game Name: JG1_GenMarkof (maybe with my 007 at the end) will confirm this tonight! Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) Your timezone: EDT
  2. S! Goat, Really nice... should be able to work on mine next week! Cheers, GenMarkof
  3. S! @BaronVonMyakin, I will miss again today... I still got around 4 workers in my house! Have fun, I should be able attend next week. Cheers, GenMarkof ps: What is the official time of the mission... just want to be sure I have it in my calendar, thx!
  4. S! Kliegmann, No problem, can you send me or ask Vonrd for your WW2 emblem in .PNG or .SVG. Thanks GenMarkof
  5. S! All, I got a request to modify the 'Tank Crew' skins of JG1_Wittmann next week. So, if you would like to have your JG1 'Tank Crew' skins... or if your thinking of buying the 'Tank Crew' game in the next few weeks... then, it's time to request them here or by PM to me. I only ask for your personal emblem (in .PNG or .SVG format). If you don't have it, but Klaiber does, just ask him to send me the visual file (it's the same that you use for your planes). Deadline will be next Monday am... remember, I don't do skins each week... it may take another few months for another 'Tank Crew' update!!! Cheers, GenMarkof ps: your numbers on the tank will be taken from your JG1 WW2 Roster.
  6. Tuesday Night is WW2 Great Battles night. ROF should be this Thursday Night, Friday afternoon for the Gotha missions with J99! Black Septembre (FC) is Saturday at 2 pm EST and not sure for Sunday pm? Cheers, Gen
  7. S! Ted, ROF is in Special around each 2 month... so I would get the free game and the 2 free planes... And when in special, get like Klaiber was saying, some bundles that are around $5 to $10 each... You should be able to get around +/- 30 planes for around $20 or $30 US dollars. Cheers, Gen ps: try to see with Butzzell, what will be the next Flanders planes set and when you get your planes, try to get those ones first!
  8. S! All, For those that didn't see this video... SCG_CorZero 'Missing Man' tribute by SCG_Limbo... A Great Tribute to a Great Commander! Cheers, GenMarkof
  9. S! @SCG_Neun We really understand your feeling Neun... I didn't know CorZero for a long time... but he was really nice with all of us! I did a special memory for him on my car skin, for my next Indycar series! Cheers
  10. S! @Butzzell, @BaronVonMyakin I might not make it today... I got around 5 workers in my house for renovation and they might work until late this afternoon. Won't be a good time to play with so many people around. If they finish around 3 pm EST, I might join you after. Cheers, GenMarkof
  11. S! Jaus, I did a re-flight of ROF yesterday and I must say that it was fun and the visuals was really nice! At this point, I like it more to have a game with many maps, many planes and full functions, then having a nice visual game like FC! Cheers, GenMarkof
  12. I was able to fly on New Wings servers, no problem with those server. Only one I couldn't fly was J99 server? Gen
  13. S! @BaronVonMyakin I tried ROF Multiplayer last night and all seem's to be working... but I was not able to join the J99 server... it was saying that I was using MODs or something like that and then was moving back to another ROF window? I will try again tonight,... does the server use any mods for this event? On my side, no MODs were being use or was on MOD ON? Cheers, GenMarkof
  14. S! After a few weeks... I think it's time to take her out for a spin! A special mention in 'Memory of SCG_CorZero'! Cheers, GenMarkof ------------------ APEX INDYCAR INDY APEX INDYCAR OVAL APEX INDYCAR ROAD APEX INDYCAR SHORT OVAL
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