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  1. S! Any news if they did some changes in Flying Circus? Would be nice that they don't forget to do some modifications on the DM. Cheers, GenMarkof - I will try to get online tonight to see what is changed in this new update... but I didn't buy yet BoN!
  2. S! Wow, the one at the end (RC)... what a show! Cheers, GenMarkof
  3. S! Firefly, Thanks for sharing Firefly... Here are the links to my visit at the Flight Museum of Seattle in 2017! For the new JG1 members... Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Cheers, GenMarkof
  4. S! All, Had a great time watching this first F1 race of the Year... Like you, I was happy to see many of the underdog of last year near or on the podium! Having a second race next week (in Austria) will make it even better to see if it was luck or if the same pilots will get the same position at the end! I also saw the F2 series (Saturday Race) and it was a blast seeing the (3) three cars in front changing position until the last lap. Happy to see F1 back, even for a short season... I love racing! Cheers' GenMarkof
  5. S! Congrats to all... I should have new DCS planes soon and maybe come and do some of those event. Cheers, GenMarkof
  6. S! All, DCS items are also on Sale from June 19th in Store and June 25 in Steam. Might be a good time for buying the Hornet and/or the Carrier. ------------- As the weather heats up in the northern hemisphere, we are pleased to announce the DCS World Summer Sale 2020. Our E-shop Sale will run from the 19th of June until the 13th of July at midnight GMT. For our Pilots who fly in the DCS World Steam Edition, the Summer Sale will start on the 25th of June 10:00 PST and finish on the 9th of July 10:00 PST. The F-14 Tomcat by Healtblur Simulations will have a 17% discount. The JF-17 Thunder by Deka Ironworks will have: $15.00 USD discount on our E-shop and will receive a 20% discount on Steam. All Campaigns by Reflected Simulations will have a 25% discount: Spitfire LF Mk.IX The Big Show Campaign Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign Some exceptions from the Summer Sale include our most recent releases and Early Access Modules, which will continue to benefit from the 20% EA discount: DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt: 20% off DCS: The Channel: 20% off DCS: Supercarrier: 20% off
  7. S! Ted, Let me know if you want the JG1 Racing Team Logo in PNG, SVG or any format that you would like. On my part, I work with the SVG format and in Photoshop, I'm able to change it to any colors that goes well with the skin colors. I didn't see the mojito mix... but it's my prefer drink! 😜 Cheers, GenMarkof
  8. S! All, On a day off, what better then taking a few hours on my next ride for the Indy Car 2020 Series - with the JG1 Racing Team! Still looking at some stuff, but I like this new paint job. Cheers, GenMarkof ps: with only one paint skin, it fits for all Indy Car - Road, Oval, small Oval and Indy regular.
  9. S! Same for me... I was lucky at an early age to see most of the band starting at that time (INXS, U2, The Cure and many more bands) at McGill University... in a small concert hall that around 200 persons could see the concert! Those were the best day of my life! Cheers, GenMarkof
  10. S! Live Baby Live - 74 000 thousand at Wembley Stadium for INXS... remember 1991!!! Life does go fast! -- The 4K Restoration -- Cheers, GenMarkof --- enjoy!!!
  11. S! Welcome Ted, Happy to have one of the best race sim pilot with JG1! Cheers, GenMarkof
  12. S! @Pragr @Ludwig I do agree with you about the approach and the sight... The main point of a practice for other members that do not bomb from high level most of the time... is to understand how to set up the wind and the way you need to choose the wind to get a better chance when bombing from 3K. On my part, it's always hard to know what I need to do with the 3ms, 330 from 2K or 5K... this is why would be great if you guys could take some time this week to explain. I ask Butzzell to change the FIF map for this week practice so we could have a German 2 seater base on Entente side... that way it would be faster to do a practice on the enemy targets. Hope we can do a small session the night that works the best for you. Cheers, GenMarkof
  13. S! All, If any bomber or even fighter pilots from all squads would like to practice high level bombing with the halberstadt CL2 (2 seater). I'll be online on the FC JG1 server today (Sunday) around 1 pm (eastern time), will go after this to the Fluggpark J5 server for the Sunday event (around 2:30-3 pm). All are welcome... Cheers, GenMarkof ps: @Pragr if you have time this week, might need a bit of your knowledge on how to get better chance hitting targets at 3K or above, thx!
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