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  1. S! Lipfert, I saw an old Youtube video you did on this track with the GPL68 cars. I will try to get online today (this afternoon) to do a few laps. All are welcome to join so we can discuss about the car setups and the track. Cheers, Gen
  2. S! 127Tom. If you want, I can try to do a skin like the one that you have shown. If your able to get you hand on the emblem, that might help me! Cheers, Gen ps: Heinrich, if you want to do also a version, no problem for me.
  3. S! Go see this post about flags: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ac_flags.25111/ ------ AC_Flags app, allows you to move the Asseto Corsa flags to any position on your screen. Hover mouse in the top left corner and hold left mouse button, drag to where you want the flag.( flag will be invisible, but the window will show. - Flag size can be changed (bigger or smaller) - Automatically turns on, you can "hide all apps" & AC_Flags will stay on. - Works in VR and Single Screen.(I don't have Triple Screen setup, but I beleive it should work fine). To change the size of the flag (bigger or smaller). - Open the 'AC_Flags.py' file and look for the line 'scale = 1.0' -'Change the 1.0 to 0.1(smaller) or 2.0(bigger), or any size you choose.
  4. S! Great race between Jay & Capt Nasties for 1st place... wow, that was a tight one all the way to the finish line! Very nice line from all drivers at blue flags... congrats! Gen
  5. If your a BIG FAN of U-Boat... then this one is not to miss in 2020! Enjoy! Gen ----- Link to the trailer:
  6. S! Welcome Dutch. Was happy to talk with you last night! Cheers, Gen ps: hope to see you soon in the virtual sky over Europe!
  7. S! All, Soon on your screen!!! Love the music for the promo! Cheers, Gen
  8. S! All, just finished my new F1 1975 skin... I will go tonight or tomorrow night to register! Cheers, Gen ----------------------------- ps: I've also made some AC Crew & Livery & Preview for all the JG1RT cars/pilots... including our new pilots: LadyBrit & ObviousMan!
  9. $ 79.99 $ 39.99 Just for info... Flying Circus Vol. 1 is now at $39.99... so this should be around $29.99 US... It's time or ever to get this flight sim!!! Cheers, Gen
  10. S! Fawlty, The JG1 Flanders practice server is always open. No problem for tonight! For Friday, I will try to be in the server around 8 pm (eastern time). Yes, the mod are off. I would also try to go on the JG1 forum to get and read the rules and the type of missions available. Happy to see you guys with red team! Cheers, Gen
  11. S! @WWGriphos & @Fawlty Welcome to Flanders! If you would like to get to know the event and the missions/map. I will be online on JG1 TS tonight and Friday night. You are welcome to join and fly the Flanders practice map. Cheers, Gen
  12. S! Great new rule Snaggle! For the 1975 F1 Season, ... can we have only the registered pilots on the race track (for any part of the race = practice, qual and main race). Each time we have none registered car/pilots on the track, it seems, that it's always the cars in the back that have to pay for the late car entering the quals or the race! Cheers, Gen
  13. S! Labroisse, Great photos! I think I saw @Klaiber pink DVII F 😜 Cheers, Gen
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