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  1. S! All, Planning to be online tonight (around 8-9 pm eastern time) for some Flying Circus. Before next week official JG1 - FC practice, how about learning to do some high level bombing in FC! All are welcome! Cheers, Gen
  2. S! All, Went to see the IL2 - FC forum today and ran into this post! Strangely, I was thinking a few month ago if a bomber branch could be within JG1. It seems that Jasta 5 started one lately with Schusta 27b! https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/56948-introducing-schusta-27b-–-jasta-5s-two-seater-battle-squadron/ Cheers, Gen note: if anyone got any stories about a bomber group that was near or integrated with JG1 or any Jasta 4, 6, 10 or 11, please send me some links or infos, thx!!!
  3. S! All, I plan to be online tonight (around 8 pm eastern time) for Flying Circus. If not enough people online (on MP server), why not do some formation, navigation or 2 seater missions! I'm still testing my new screen. Cheers, Gen
  4. S! Luft, If you have some time to talk about it, I do see some small things that are not 100% for now? I have my resolution at the top 3440 x 1440, but I get only a maximum of refresh rate of 50hz? Is that because I user a HDMI wire... should I use the Display Port wire? And, when I have the top resolution, I don't see item that small, is it because of the refresh rate??? I think that I might need to read more about this screen... I'm missing a few things to get it 100% running. Cheers Gen
  5. S! All, When more and more JG1 pilot are adopting VR headset... I went and bought yesterday (at a very good price) the ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q wide screen! Is it that I'm not at that stage for VR or that I'm not sure about motion sickness or how the hell will I control most of my keyboard settings? Well for now, I'll go and test this 34 inch wide screen and let you know how it feels. Cheers ! Gen ps: if anyone got question about this screen, feel free to ask if you see me online!
  6. S! Great News Obvious! Welcome in the JG1RT. Might be back for the next series. Cheers mate, Gen
  7. Welcome 2020... Well, wasn't a big fan of cellos... but after this... I went and view more videos of those 2 guys! Enjoy Cheers and Happy New Years to all! Gen
  8. S! Etzel & friends, Sorry I went out just before bombing the ship at Arras (in FC), but I just got a power outage. For now, they say it should come back around 5:45 pm eastern time. Have fun on FC! Gen
  9. S! All, Just want to wish all JG1 pilots and all ROF/FC pilots (from the flight sim community) some great Holidays and a Happy New Year! Please take a few moments before the New Year to remember all veterans from WW1, WW2 and wars that gave us our freedom... Best wishes to all! Gen Photo: the legendary Manfred Von Richthofen—better known as the “Red Baron” — Photo: Manfred Von Richthofen—I think with Jasta 11 pilots — Photo: Richthofen (in the cockpit of an Albatros D.III) pictured with members of Jasta 11. Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen —
  10. S! Loopy, I should be up for FC around 7 pm Eastern time tonight. What is 20:00z in relation with Eastern time? Cheers, Gen
  11. S! All, After my practice run with the Ferrari last night (for tonight race), I tried a few models of the American Muscle cars... It was a bit weird seeing that most of them, the speeding gauge was doing some kind of stutter when moving up??? If I remember well, the only one that seem to be working fine (with no stutter with the speed ), was the Dodge! If anyone can do a few laps with some of the American Muscle cars, I would really like to know if your having the same thing on your side. If not, I will maybe re-install all car files... but they all did work. Cheers, Gen ps: any tips on what could be a good car for speed and handle, feel free to share with me.
  12. S! Larner, That's was great flying on your part Larner! And it's was only fun when I was talking about the famous No 24!!! I value very much you and all the pilots of the 4 squadrons! That was me the blue and red Alb DVa with the dVII! Cheers mate, Gen
  13. S! Snaggle, No, I'm talking more about the mod page with the mod information about the series and the cars... not the mediafire link! So, this would be the URL page before going to the mediafire link. Thanks, Gen
  14. S! Great Stuff Snaggle, Super happy to see this new series... It ill be my first time with the American Muscle Challenge! I'll try to view some custom skins this weekend. Thanks again for all the work making these series available for all of us! Cheers mate, Gen ------------ Snaggle, can you give the url link of the American Muscle Mod... Don't seem to find it anywhere? thx
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