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  1. S! No fuzz with the Il2 steam version for the update! Just bought the (2) two collector flak truck and Il2 Normandy. I did try the numbering for the Gaz truck and it work just fine! ps: @Butzzell, if you can add the Gaz truck to your map/mission... I might give a try tonight! Cheers, GenMarkof
  2. S! All, SCG_Hitman_3 is doing an open Tank Crew event tomorrow on his server. For this mission, it's seems' that we have open slot for pilots and tankers. More info on the 'event' section of the SCG forum. Cheers, GenMarkof
  3. S! Pilots, I might be online this afternoon for a few missions on the Finnish Server (IL2 BOX). When: Thursday, April 16 Time: +/- 3:00 pm (EST) Server: Finnish Server (if available)! // Hope some of you can join up for some missions on IL2 BOX! Cheers Gen ----------------
  4. S! @WOLF A big thank you for your very nice comments on the Tank Crew skins. Like inform by JG1_Britchot, we decided to modify some of the emblems and numbers to help us when doing MP campaigns online. I do understand your comments, and it's always a big issue in the Tank Crew community if we maintain historical accuracy or we do minor changes to help squadron's in multiplayer events! For now, we are pretty much on a stand-by on Tank Crew and IL2 planes skins... since in the near future, we should get a new IL2 system for numbers that we will be able to apply on the Tanks and
  5. S! All, After changing the DCS.openworld in my user... I got the game to work agin, but I lost all my settings for the game and the setups for my planes. Anyone knows what files I need to copy in my DCS World game folder? Cheers, GenMarkof
  6. S! All, Need help... I downloaded and updated my DCS game to 2.0.7 (all went well)... But again, I'm not able to open the new updated game... I do get to the log in window ... after entering and submitting my info... The game seems to be doing the authorization... but close all window after this. So after reading a bit on the DCS forum... I saw that I could a 'Repair DCS World' but even with this, the game won't start... Any help would be welcome. GenMarkof ----------
  7. S! Ted, might join you for the next races! Had a very big two weeks of client projects... and it should follow until the end of June! Cheers
  8. S! @Etzel too bad.. got to work today! have fun flying! Gen
  9. Tonight: ROF / 2 seater Gunner practice before the last session of Flanders S! All, Seeing that I and some may need some practice as gunner for 2 seaters' in ROF... How about a LIVE session on the Flander map with 1 two seater w/gunner and some live scouts behind to see where your bullets goes to !!! Suggestion from J30_Hammer. Tip: In ROF, don't try to be pinpointing your bullets, it's better to make them move around an area... not like FC! When: Thursday, March 18 Time: +/- 8:30 pm (EST) Server: ROF - Flanders winter map (if available)! // All are welcome to this pr
  10. S! I might be online this afternoon for a few missions on the Finnish Server (IL2 BOX). When: Thursday, March 11 Time: +/- 2:30 pm (EST) Server: Finnish Server (if available)! // Problem connecting on Steam for Il2? Will try again in 15-30 minutes? Anyone else with this problem? I just open Steam as Admin and everything is working! ---------------- On this day... - may we take a minute of silence for all the victims that died since the start of the Virus! May we remember them and how hard it was for them and the families...
  11. S! Firefly, Too bad, they don't ... May not ship to Canada!!! I was thinking of buying it! Cheers, GenMarkof
  12. I just saw this post in the IL2 Flying Circus Forum: -------------- Jasta 5 is pleased to present and host this years spring campaign in collaboration with J99_Sizzlor as mission builder. Our 11th annual April campaign moves from the "Bloody" space above Arras and Vimy Ridge. Spring Offensive - Operation Michael When: Saturdays 1600-2000 GMT April 3 Easter Truce April 8 Test mission (Thursday Night Fights) April 10, 17, 24, May 1 Inventories: Central - Albatross DVa, Pfalz DIII, Fokker Dr1, Halberstadt CLII vs. Entente - Camel, Spad XIII, SE5a w/b
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