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  1. I guess that's the Unsung mod made redundant. Shame. Had lot's of fun time with that mod.
  2. Yeah, the idea would be to construct a fully fleshed out 109 pit with all the gauges, levers, and whatnot. The only issue is that I don't think il-2 exports data for the gauges like you could in DCS. I suppose if I wanted to build a full sim pit, I would have to use DCS until something could be done about exporting gauge data in Il-2.
  3. Razwald, I think that is kinda what I was looking for in this post. How do you get Il-2 to read those inputs? Or is it just automatically picked up like any other USB device?
  4. Hey gents, I’ve started to taking an interest in building a simpit for the 109 in il-2 with exporting the instrument data to external gauges. I know that this has been done before in il-2 1946 and is currently possible in DCS (I’m reminded of TheWarthogProject’s beautiful setup). It seems like I’m not the only one on the forums that’s interested; apparently Jason is waiting for someone to come up with a concrete approach before they can get to work on something to facilitate that. Perhaps some of you guys with coding/electronic experience knows of a temporary work around with that s
  5. Would it be worth picking up some modules now and install the standalone or wait for a Steam sale so I can have all my modules on steam? Is there a notable distinction between the Steam and Standalone versions?
  6. You can immediately access both as of now. If you lounge in one of the channels, there will bound to be someone else online for you to practice with.
  7. Aloha Gents. Decided to dust off the 'ol joystick and pedals for this one. Scorchedbeans JG1 Pilot HST/NA
  8. ScorchedBeans JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) HST
  9. I see Bardcore has made it's way into the forums. Here's one of my favorites.
  10. Red Bulls, the standard college student drink. Their newest watermelon flavor is quite good.
  11. Roger that, I'll just make do with the default for now.
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