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  1. In that case, I will settle with a colored spiral on the spinner. I’ll have a skin that’ll be submitted later for consideration.
  2. @Heinrich, how goes that skin you were working on for me? do you have some .dds templates I could work around with? I'd like to try my hand at GIMP.
  3. @Vonrd I've recently come up with a revision to my emblem. Can you make me a skin with this in it? complete with a blue Hartmann tulip with yellow trim?
  4. I still think the Mk108 does insufficient amounts of damage. A good example would be that wing tip strike you scored on that P51 @3:23. I feel like that should've taken him out of the fight but it seems he retained control of the aircraft.
  5. Thanks for the heads up...just picked up BoM. Now we're in action for EiF
  6. Just a few comments from what I saw tonight: Head tracking seemed to a bit sluggish. I don't know if this was due to the server or unique to me, but head tracking with TIR5 definitely seemed a bit slower than other servers Upon entering the combat area, performance took a slight hit (no doubt due to sheer amount of stuff in the mission) but throughout the rest of my sortie seemed fine Rearm and Refuel seemed to work fine (unfortunately, I could not test the repair as I ended up belly-landing my plane on final) Suggestions: Perhaps increase the plane count from more than just four f-4s. I don't know if the current sum is going to be intended for launch, or if there a system to replenish the fighters, but just a tad more would be nice I don't know if it'd be possible here, but I personally would like it if I could remove my headrest to make it easier to check 6. I know we are striving to be historically accurate, so I would have to do some research to see if that was a thing pilots did in the f-4 All in all, fine job gents👍. Really can't wait till this goes live and start scoring up some kills
  7. How goes the progress on this? Now that I am doing college classes from home, I can finally have the time to commit for tournaments and I am looking forward to this one.
  8. @Heinrich, I would appreciate that a lot! At this point, I fly mostly Boddenplatte aircraft on Combat Box so those would be my preference.
  9. It was definitely in the f4. I know for sure because that's the one of my banner. I just can't see yellow 24 in any of the skin packs.
  10. Can you update my skin to the pack? I remember my skin being on the pack at one point (I was able to equip it and screenshot it for my profile banner)
  11. Also, it's come to my attention that I may have wasted an opportunity here. I've made an alternative emblem that seems...more appropriate given the pilot. The image was made in MS paint so the quality may not be as great as the first. If you could make another one with this, that'd be swell.
  12. That is exactly what I was envisioning. Looks great.
  13. Well, if you don't mind, perhaps you could do something similar to Hartmann's tulip design on his plane's propeller hub, but with a blue color similar to the one used in the emblem design, and then importing my tactical number and letter (I believe yellow 24 L). Beyond that, I would leave it to you as the artist. Thanks for the offer, Von!
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