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  1. Just a thought, but a big one:N17 is bit overpowered against Halb D.II, but the nerfed Tripehound would be much closer match. We didn't see much Triplane action since 2014 (duh!) and I think a Tripe vs Halb FiF will be opportunity to fly something new and unexplored in RoF (and more balanced than N.17 vs D.II)..
  2. Well, to be hinest I expected to have more than two pilot concepts done for FC by May (more like a preorder ...). I still think this FiF should be advertised on BoX forums, because, why not . This FiF can also be a "sendoff" to these planes in RoF, as with release of FC RoF will become more and more early war game. This is our last moment to fly these crates around in RoF FiF without the question of "shouldn't this be done in BoX instead" being raised.
  3. They have learned from the RoF forum experience and made much better rules for BoX forum. Basically, either research your point and make a well-justified case on developer assistance forum, or don't be whining.
  4. could you explain what's meant by "FC planes" Planes that will appear in Flying Circus volume 1 on BoX. To rephrase, my idea is - next time we do FiF in RoF, we could use the very same planes that will be available in BoX when Flying Circus comes, and advertise FiF at BoX forums. Since RoF is free to play and two of FC planes are free in RoF, BoX pilots will be able to come and join without spending a penny. The double effect will be to make a promotion/demonstration of what Flying Circus content will be like for BoX crowd, and get us more players for FiF. However I think these potent
  5. Hey, With Flying Circus not far from preorders, I think we could help build up the interest in BoX community and get ourselves FiF participants at the same time. I propose next edition of FiF uses free planes, and FC planes, and that we advertise it on BoX forums. Clirification: - next time we do FiF in RoF, we could use the very same planes that will be available in BoX when Flying Circus comes, and advertise FiF at BoX forums. Since RoF is free to play and two of FC planes are free in RoF, BoX pilots will be able to come and join without spending a penny. The double effect will be to ma
  6. Tomorrow session will happen exactly 100 years after death of Frank Gooden. Major Gooden was not a combat pilot; he was a notable test pilot and, among other things, first man to fly S.E.5 prototype. He died when wings of second S.E.5 prototype he was testing fell off. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Goodden
  7. 100 years ago (24th), Manfred von Richthofen scored another victory, forcing to land an F.E2.b. When he descended to check on his victim, he was jumped by another British plane and, while evading, lower wing of his Albatros D.III broke. MvR managed to glide to safety and crash land. It occurred to me to have my crate painted all over in staring red. The result was that everyone got to know my red bird. My opponents also seemed to have heard of the color transformation. During a fight on quite a different section of the Front I had the good fortune to shoot into a Vickers' two-seater w
  8. 100 years ago, Manfred von Richthofen scored first confirmed victory for Jasta 11, an F.E.8.
  9. According to MvRs autobiography (and one bio of his I have), 16th January was the day the German Emperor bestowed on him order Pour le Merite. Other sources say 12th January. Perhaps he changed facts in his biography for dramatic effect, or after decision was made on 12th it took 4 days for news to reach him?
  10. 15th January 1917 Leutnant Manfred von Richthofen was ordered to take command of Jasta 11. It was by that time a demoralised unit, with no victories after 4 months of service despite being based in area of heavy air fighting, led by apparently inept Oblt. Rudolf Emil Lang and crewed by unheard-of pilots such as Krefft, Allmenroder or Kurt Wolff. It's worth noticing that MvR was still a Leutnant (2nd Lt) at this time; he will be a Rittermaister (Captain) after Bloody April, earning two promotions over 4 months. I have no idea when he was promted to Oberleutnant; if anyone can shed a light her
  11. On 4th january 1917, Leutnant Manfred von Richthofen scored his 16th victory, a Sopwith Pup from No.8 naval squadron. This victory made him best living German ace, and earned him Pour le Merite. It was also his last victory with Jasta Boelcke, On 7th January, first Albatros D.IIIs arrived at Jasta Boelcke, one of if not the first deployment of the type.
  12. 100 years ago, two legends met. Manfred von Richthofen claimed his 15th victory, a D.H.2. D.H.2 fell behind Entetne lines, well visible to Ground observers, so he had no problem finding a witness. This victory made MvR one of two best scoring living German fighter pilots. The D.H.2 was not, in fact, shot down. It was piloted by none other that James McCudden. The future British ace saved himself after his gun jammed by diving for friendly lines, then going into a spin - just like MvR and German ground troops, his comrades saw him go down. In fact he recovered the plane over the deck, mad
  13. And S! to you, Luftritter! 100 years ago the future Jasta 10 leader, Werner Voss, scored his first victory while flying with Jasta 2. His victim was the notorious Captain G. A Parker, the BE2 pilot that 12 days earlier forced another Jasta 2 pilot to land behind enemy lines and has his Albatros captured intact. CaptainParker was KIA. Voss scored his second victory, an F.E.2, the very same day.
  14. Salute JG1! When gathering matherials for thread under same title on 777 forums, I often come across facts that are interesting to fans of Jasta Boelcke or JG1, but too detailed for "general" WW1 aviation. I keep the copy of this thread on J2 forums to cover all the details like changes of leaders, bios of pilots most people never heard of etc, that would bore most people of 777 forums - and I have quite a lot on JG1 that's not suitable for that forum, too. So, I propose a thread dedicated to history of JG1, and squadrons that made it, posted 100 years after it unfurled. Please get rid of if
  15. S! Buttzzell. I though the trigger for "rescue the pilot" mission is not a human pilot actually getting captures (we want to encourage people to keep trying and go home, not land behind the lines to trigger mission). Think of downed pilot as of "non player character", like spy and general. He may be one of human pilots, he may be someone else, he might have been downed yesterday. The trigger may be to complex, I am ignorant on this. The mission is triggered by losing both irreplacable "specialised planes" - spyplanes, capture planes, recon planes, ground attack planes etc - IF some of the o
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