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  1. @Klaiber Please add one more Russian pilot. =J13=mamochka Thanks!
  2. @Klaiber These two players are possible participants. ROSS_Gorillaz - pilot - UTC +3 ROSS_Checkist - pilot - UTC +3 =2ndss=Jet_F - pilot & tanker - UTC +3
  3. Baron von Myakin - pilot - European time zones (UTC +1)
  4. @Klaiber Hey mate! One more fresh FIF pilot to the Russian team please: Denisik
  5. @Klaiber Our ROF-Marketing programm regarding new participators in FIF and new pilots in ROF works pretty well this time That's why I'd like to ask you to add more players to us if it's still possible. Protoss =2ndSS=JOCKER =2ndss=ALEX All of them wish to take part in the FIF as gunners at the moment.
  6. I'm sure we could finally catch you but your Nieuports have distracted us very well
  7. May I leave it here? A small story from the last mission when me and Gorillaz flew as one Roland crew. In Russian but.. anyway. The incredible adventures of the brave pilot Baron and his precision gunner Gorillaz:
  8. @Klaiber I give you more I hope it‘s okay. We have three more pilots. All are Russians, so it would be great if they stay with Adler Legion in the same team. ROSS_Pups ROSS_Gorillaz ROSS_Checkist All three +3 GMT
  9. @Klaiber Hi there! We have probably one more pilot including in Adler Legion. Please add him into roster if it‘s still okay. Thanks! Stekus / +3 GMT
  10. Guys, it was decided to take a pause in "London event" till our team shows good results in FIF So looking real at things, we may continue to fly Gothas and Pages after FIF will be finished. I hope it's okay for you.
  11. Here are the rewards for the second and the third missions: 2nd: 3rd:
  12. Guys, unfortunately, I'll be away from Thursday till Sunday. So there won't me Gotha/Page mission on Friday as usual. We'l ldo the next one next week on Friday. Neccessary story and needed additional material will be provided before the mission as usual.
  13. Versus AI, players, flaks and darkness Same as last time. There are only 3 players signed for German fighters.
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