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  1. Hi there! No, we won't use any mods, just pure virgin ROF. Try also the New Wings server. Our guys flew there and didn't have issues with access to that.
  2. @Heinrich @=GenMarkof007= Glad to see you guys involved! GenMarkof007, will you fly Gotha too or be in Entente defence?
  3. @Klaiber We're planning to use unofficial Rise of Flight Teamspeak. We meet there usually when we fly in ROF. We can also use your TS if you like. Same with Discord. Here is link to the Adler Legion discord - https://discord.gg/gTCayaJ I have created room special for English-speaking members. I guess you can go crazy from the Russian flood in the common room
  4. Hi guys! What do you mind to join Adler Legion in small event in ROF this Friday? Do you miss WWI heavy bombers and adequate DM? In short, the event is dedicated to Gothas and their historic raids on cities in England. Several Gothas take off from the mainland and fly to Dover to bomb strategically important targets such as the port infrastructure, railway station, etc. The port is protected by small Entente fighter forces and flaks. We flew this event in December 2017 and it was quite interesting. Having the stupid situation with DM in the Flying Circus, all our pilots, withou
  5. Every half-year, we have same discussion about mission‘s time
  6. Unfortunately, Luftritter is right - you were a bit late. Of course I still have these bonus points and you're welcome any time to use them. I can but pay with them only standard 30% of the price now. At your place, I'd wait till the next sales to get 50% discount.
  7. Salute! This ED offer will last till 09:00 am GMT on 1st August (05:00 am ET your time). So I suppose you have still enough time. Just write me when you at home. I need then to know what plane you want and your profile name / email registered by ED web-site. Having that I can inform you how much you owe me in the end exactly. Do not forget, the modules from Magnitude and Heatblur are out of this ED offer. So unfortunately, no 50% discount for mega Mig-21bis, F-14, Ikea plane and Christen Eagle II.
  8. Salute comrades! As you probably know, the bonus system in DCS will be changed on the 1st August. Regards that, current bonus points could be used for 50% of a module's price (instead of 30% as usual) till the 1st August. I have $26 bonus but I do not need anything from the shop... what's strange somehow... So would somebody from you like to buy now some module from DCS with a discount up to 50% and do not wait till next sales? If somebody has an interest, just PM me. That would be pity for me to lose such chance.
  9. Sure! Thanks a lot! That was interesting to look at that events from the other side of our team. Followed I'm interested 100% in it! What plane set is planned for such missions? If there will be early planes, I can guarantee to bring 4-6 pilots with. If it'll be a modern one - I can surely bring more pilots.
  10. Found you here I repeat here too: well done, gents, really great job during the Red Alert event! I really appreciate much to fly with you in any event by any game! S!
  11. Hi Butzz, hi all! Let me drop my 2 cents in this issue. Yes, the happened situation is curious but don't you think consequences of that are a bit too hard? I mean this new rule. First of all, how often can/would you repeat same situation flying in the tournament? Many of you will risk your plane and life to let AAA slightly damage you to get a misarable chance to land at the enemy airfield to camp there. Moreover, I personally see this situation as a great diversity addition into the stable default FIF process Anyway, let leave it as you mean - that's exploit and it's no
  12. And what's about InWar in BOX? (if BOX will be finally repaired some day)
  13. Same sh*t. We have posted about almost every FIF season at BOX Forum last years. Even with videos and screenshot. People react even to that: "Oh, looks promiced and interesting!" "Great, I'll surely take a part in it!" "Call me when it starts, my Twitch channel is ready for that!" Do you know how many new pilots did we get into FIF from the BOX forum? Answer: ZERO How many new pilots did we get into FIF from the ROF forum? Answer: at least 4 I guess pilots who interested in WWI are all at the ROF forum already and will be same way involved in FC too. Pilots who are focuse
  14. In our land, we say: "Divide the skin of a bear he killed" that could be translate in English as "Count one's chickens before they are hatched" This suits perfect to this situation of FC planeset in the FIF Spring. I agree with Adler Blau - no any new update of FC, no any even approximate date of the FC release (or early access) - but the ghost of FC has influenced the logical planeset's evolution of FIF 2018 already. S! ure?
  15. Sounds cool! But which cheatings have been meant? I thought naive that the cheating is impossible in ROF.
  16. Eeeehh, I understand that blue team is now overpeopled but we have got one more pilot for the Russian team. His nickname is Krafft. Time and side preferences are same as by another Russian pilots.
  17. Hey Klaiber! TovarischMauser is from our Russian team. So it would be cool (if possible of course) to add him to the blue team. Thanks!
  18. Gentlemen, something new accordinally your participation in the InWar? It would be great to get some pilots for the German side on Friday this week already.
  19. That depends on how many of your members will participate in InWar. Usually we have less blue pilots as red but the situation is not same every mission.
  20. Excellent! Thank you! P.S. are you flying generally German planes?
  21. Ohh.. that's really! I see the squad's emblem in the squads' block but I don't see any pilot with this squad tag in the pilots' list. Strange.. Anyway come back again!!
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