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  1. Guys, it was decided to take a pause in "London event" till our team shows good results in FIF So looking real at things, we may continue to fly Gothas and Pages after FIF will be finished. I hope it's okay for you.
  2. Here are the rewards for the second and the third missions: 2nd: 3rd:
  3. Guys, unfortunately, I'll be away from Thursday till Sunday. So there won't me Gotha/Page mission on Friday as usual. We'l ldo the next one next week on Friday. Neccessary story and needed additional material will be provided before the mission as usual.
  4. Versus AI, players, flaks and darkness Same as last time. There are only 3 players signed for German fighters.
  5. Already two of you are on the board. Really like that! Gimme more!
  6. So guys WHO ARE READY TO FLY THE NEXT ROUND of our small "London" event? This time London strikes back - English Handley-Pages go to bomb German objectives. Start as usual at 19:00 GMT. Come everybody, fly for any side! To Entente: In order to stop German bombers raiding of British ports and factories, the British command decided to strike back. The main and largest airfield of the Germans on the French coast - Oye, located near the town of Gravelines, was chosen as the target. Last German raids on Ramsgate were carried out exactly from this airfield. We know that th
  7. German heavy bombers once again bombed British Army supply sites. This time, the target of the bombing was the port of Ramsgate and a manufacturing plant in the near of the city. Taking advantage of the heavy clouds and evening hours, German bombers, divided into three independent groups, bombed from different directions, forcing the already small forces of the English Defence aircrafts to disperse the forces. What's more, due to the negligence of the English troops and the rainy weather in recent days, the flares of the observation balloons were dampened, which was not seen in time. As a
  8. I‘ll prepare report this weekend. I‘m rally glad that you liked our small event, thanks a lot for coming! @Butzzell you and your server rock! Thank u for support! When everything will be ready for the next round, you‘ll be informed first of all. S!
  9. @Jaus ts3rof.flying-barans.ru:7777 Password: 1917 We'll meet in the Russian channel firstly.
  10. @=GenMarkof007= No problem! Maybe you should invite your workers to join us? four human gunners are not so bad at whole! We meet at 19:00 GMT and start at 19:30 GMT
  11. As nobody signed himself for the next event I'd suppose that nobody from you will fly Gotha event this Friday (sure I hope that you will join us). Anyway, I leave a small story background for the upcoming event. To German pilots: Fascinated by the success of the last German Gothas raid on the English port of Dover, the German command decides to consolidate the success of the next transport point - the port of Ramsgate. A large British manufacturing facility is situated not far from the town. Manufactured technic, ammunition and ammo are delivered directly from the factory
  12. Guys, please let me know who will fly in Gotha event this Friday - write here or mark yourself in Discord of Legion in channel #upcoming-events. I need to know that to plan bomb armament, quantity of targets and defence balanced all together. Thanks!
  13. @Butzzell @Heinrich @Dudley Thanks guys for the paticipating in our small cozy event! Here is small gift for you for your coming Guys flew for Entente have received their own awards. Maybe this also helps to attract another pilots of your squad to join the next round. I remind it will be on Friday this week, same time at 19:00 GMT. There will be same massive Gotha flight to an English town to bomb strategic targets there. An Entente defence is included This time, there will be another town, more targets to bomb and another weather conditions.
  14. @Heinrich Sorry, I thought you all know ROF TS. ts3rof.flying-barans.ru:7777 Password: 1917 We meet firstly all in the Russian channel. Then will divide into sub-groups.
  15. @Dudley Hey Dudley! Sure, feel free to take a side what you like more. There are no any restrictions depending on quantity of the pilots pro side. At he moment we have 11 pilots registered for Gotha, 1 pilot for the escort and 4 pilots registered for Entente defence.
  16. @=GenMarkof007= No problem, mate! Come when you can if you can. Thanks for info!
  17. @=GenMarkof007= Same by us - nobody can connect to J99 server but no problems with another ones.
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