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  1. whew, yeah it is really screwed up. When messing around with it, noticed that the MOD id# for empty in an I16 was 23. Trial and error (understatement) with these plane settings AND checking locked payload in server settings gave me an empty I16. Basically I am just disabling all mod id's 0 thru 99 except 23. I did not think this would change weapon mods for any other plane, but unfortunately, it does. So as far as I can see, for other type planes that you want to allow certain loadouts, you have to manually enter what you want available in the weapons mods drop down box's for those planes, and the payload id drop down box, and it will be the only payload option available, unless I missed another way of doing it.
  2. yep...just found that post... oh hell, I've been called worse
  3. lol..ok..why am I a newbie???
  4. As far as the i16 load outs, I remember when WW ran a mission from another builder, and I had to go in and remove a ton of loadouts from it. Looking at the advanced properties for the recon plane in the mission, am pretty sure what is happening here is you do not enter the loadout ID# in the planes properties, but what you have to do is enter the number string associated with that load out. So, looking at JimTM's manual, chapter 14. in order to get an empty loadout for the i16 that can not be changed, you do not enter 22 in the available payloads box, you enter -1,-2,-3,-5 I am not completely sure of the correct syntax here, but believe what Jim says to enter is what is needed. Think this will solve the issue.
  5. Question: Was going to use the last mission (3-36), and fly it tonight on WW for practice. Couple pilots asked me to add some extra planes, which I did. I also changed the weather. Mission finally loaded on dserver, (took about 10 mins), but pilots were sitting forever on loading screen, so took out the new planes, but forgot about the weather. Finally got the mission to load up on dserver, but load times for pilots to get the mission up was around 15 mins..... Are there any issues you know about with modifying the mission? I know it is big, but 15 mins is a long time for a mission to load. Once loaded, it played fine.
  6. Am kicking the stats page around trying to make some modifications for the WW site. Know someone was looking for finding a way to make a change to scoring, but forget the specifics. If they have not found what they are looking for, let me know specifically what it is they want to change, so I can keep my eye out for it. fyi, the European date format for missions drove me nuts. If you want USA standards: in il2_stats\.venv\Lib\site-packages\django\conf\locale\ar\formats.py, change the short_date_format to m/d/y # -*- encoding: utf-8 -*- # This file is distributed under the same license as the Django package. # from __future__ import unicode_literals # The *_FORMAT strings use the Django date format syntax, # see http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/templates/builtins/#date DATE_FORMAT = 'j FØŒ Y' TIME_FORMAT = 'g:i A' # DATETIME_FORMAT = YEAR_MONTH_FORMAT = 'F Y' MONTH_DAY_FORMAT = 'j F' SHORT_DATE_FORMAT = 'mâ€/d/Y' # SHORT_DATETIME_FORMAT = # FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK = # The *_INPUT_FORMATS strings use the Python strftime format syntax, # see http://docs.python.org/library/datetime.html#strftime-strptime-behavior # DATE_INPUT_FORMATS = # TIME_INPUT_FORMATS = # DATETIME_INPUT_FORMATS = DECIMAL_SEPARATOR = ',' THOUSAND_SEPARATOR = '.' # NUMBER_GROUPING =
  7. Thank you. Got the files. Was getting a 404 error prior..
  8. Link to the skins is not working. Wanted to have any skins you guys might be flying with on Coconut
  9. Salute all, and thanks for the help getting me back into the forum. Damn we got our ass kicked last night..... Apologies for the lag. It's a strong server, but 48 live pilots on a Kuban Map with a lot of AI activity defiantly put a stress on it. sps was bouncing around at 13 with alot of spikes into the upper teens.
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