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  1. *UPDATE* Start delayed one week to Oct 8th to allow time for the new update On behalf of the WingWalkers, I wanted to extend an invitation to JG1 flyers to join us in a Squad versus Squad Campaign ( BOS platform) starting October 1st. We will be flying on the Allied side, with JG1 fellas flying German ( not a big surprise there!). Maushake has volunteered to be the Air Marshal on the German side. The missions will be flown on eight consecutive Tuesday nights, the server will be up at 6:15 PST, mission starts at 6:30 PST and ends after 3 hrs. Every three missions counts as a year and the campaign spans 1942, 1943 and 1944. Air Marshals for both sides will check in with each other on Wednesday nights to clear up any questions or concerns from the night before. Our goal is to have 12 to 16 flyers on each side. For this run we are not running full "Dead is Dead". Pilots shot down will have a 20 minute time out. The rules and the calendar are attached below for you review. We have both an Allied and German forum on our website, and I have attached a link below as well, but if you are looking for privacy, best to post on your own site. We assume each squad will fly in their own comm's but will join up when the mission ends on one TS or the other, for feedback and collegiality. . We will post as much info as possible on this thread as well as on our forum, but Maushake should be the primary point of contact for the distribution of information. WWZed is the mission builder and will also be available for questions ( but he is good a keeping secrets, so expect some surprises). The server will be password protected and the password will be distributed through your Air Marshal. JG1 and the Wingwalkers have a fine tradition of collaboration and are two of the longest standing squads in the flight sim community. This is a bit of an experiment so please be patient with us. The goal in the end is to have a good time and introduce some high quality squad versus squad flying on week nights. Salute, WWGeezer Here are the rules Here is the link for our Website ....and here is the calendar
  2. No problem....this was last minute since we are just testing it. We will do our dry run and see if it works. Feels like a good use of the U-2vs.
  3. The Wing Walkers are experimenting with a Flying Circus COOP tonight. The experiment involves inserting the U-2vs as a two seater bomber with the Flying Circus plane set (since there are no bomber/ two seaters) This is one of Vanderstock's COOP's with assigned flights and goals. If you are interested in loading it up and seeing how it fly's you are welcome to attend. Send me a PM and will give you password and TS info. https://www.wingwalkers.org/topic/6773-wwcoop-flying-circus-july-4th-at-600-pm-pst/?tab=comments#comment-45339
  4. Wingwalkers checking in. So the test tourney is over? Sorry I have not been flying lately but please let us know if there are any next steps. If you guys want to have a "post mortem" debrief we are happy to participate.
  5. Thanks for sharing the post....(we are simple lads and need lots of pictures to understand things) We are also easily distracted ( and a little chatty when we get excited) so we need three or four on separate channels with whispers set up to keep comm's disciplined. Gold flight are bombers Blue flight are escorts Red flight are jabo White flight is a wild card if we fill up the other channels I was not here last week but I think we jumped out of your TS to be able to do that since we can't config your channels. We have a squad meeting Tuesday so I will ask how that went We could do that a different way, if you guys made channels for us or gave us enough edit rights in your TS to do that but that may be more hassle than it is worth. Right now we will come to your home channel for the launch and jump back at the end of the mission. (Thanks for all your work on these events)
  6. You mentioned a BOS test server, was wondering if that is happening tonight, some WingWalker's are interested. Sent you a PM as well. Thanks WWGeezer
  7. Luft....I shamelessly used my great grandmothers name, Margaret Heinlein who lived to be 103. No relation to the science fiction writer
  8. That's all folks. Thanks for letting me share this project with you over the last year.
  9. No incorrect assumption. The journal was found in the USA. St. Augustine to be exact ( home of Jack Hunter). I sort of threaded the needle to get it there. Rupp left the journal behind and someone else held on to it. In real life Jack Hunter was bit of a spy and was in Germany during WWII. In the first newspaper article Margaret Heinlein passed away and her daughter found the journal in her home. She mentioned that her mom was born in Germany and worked for a trucking company. She also said that she was moved to the US by the government in exchange for secret information. Her family thought it was a joke, but it was not. In the book "The Axmann Conspiracy" Trucking companies where being used to try and keep the Nazi regime alive at the end of the war. Jack was trying to keep tabs on that activity. A bit of a leap, but if she had the journal and she was an informant, than Jack Hunter would have seen it too. All that to get Jack's story woven into this story, and now that I described it, I am confused too! Glad you enjoyed the series.
  10. Luft....I thought about it a lot. Rupp's goal was to survive the war, not to be a deserter or leave the country. Turn of events took him very close to there. In the end it seemed more consistent to have him go home and heal like most of the other veterans. Klaiber....still thinking about it. My wife's grandfather served in the Argylle and Sutherland Territorials in WW1 from the beginning to the end on the Western Front in the 7th battalion. I have the regimental diary that lays out every battle he would have been in. His name was William or Wully and he came home from the front with the a small dog ( have pictures of that). Would love to trace his history thru the war and do something like what you described ( unfortunately more in the dirt than in the air). We visited Scotland and one place had a very small rooster that they affectionately referred to as "the wee man".....so I already have a working title with no idea what it is about The Wartime Adventures of Wully and the Wee Man. ( PS....really appreciate you guys commenting along the way.
  11. Last Chapter Up ( Epilogue on Nov 11th).
  12. and here is the whole story http://www.thebluemaxproject.org/new-blog/2018/10/20/making-the-map
  13. Thanks guys....Here are the two maps that inspired the one I made. Basically took the format of the first one, but curved it to get the 3d view of the second, than had fun with all the objects. Was trying to show the bigger sandbox of the state of the war at the time that Rupp is recovering.
  14. Next Chapter Up...check out the cool map!
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