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  1. That was a close battle between us Snag, back and forth
  2. Good race Gen, oh ya, you other guys too
  3. I think I will run the server from a different machine than what I'm racing on next time though, more as a test trial. So after I shut down the practice server (the one I'm driving on) there will be a few minutes while I fire up the alternate for the race. Being you guys aren't on team speak at that time, you may be wondering what the .... is the hold up. I hope this track works out, It looks like a good one from what I've seen. The race after this is a AC stock track Classic Silverstone, so this may tell us something.
  4. Guys I don't know if it's connection problems with regards to the de-sync or what. I should have enough bandwidth @ 300mb down and 18 mb up so that isn't it and it's not effecting the others, although Ludwig is getting the odd blk screen. Maybe next week I'll try running the server off a more powerful computer I have in the house and see what happens. The other option is to export the server manager files over to you with all the drivers cars intact and try running it on your server. I guess if this was happening to more drivers we'd have to get on this and figure it out and do some more testing.
  5. Great racing last night Guys, this is turning out to be a blast. That was a nice ending on the clip. Nice best time Gen, as much as I tried, 132 even in practice last week was the best I could get, but I was getting consistency. I may be missing something here but the total times don't make sense to me, they're all over the place?
  6. Great racing guys, hell of a lot of fun and it's only going to get better with more time behind the wheel. Re ps2, not sure what happened to Chris.
  7. What do you think of it Lip? I looked seriously at this a while back. I would like to include it in the 67 series but I think few want to fork out any $
  8. Hey Hawkeye, good to see you again. Ya OF's still around but more as a forum to communicate events but not much flying anymore at least for me. We schedule racing on Monday's, Arma3 / Insurgency Sandstorm on Wed. and Sat. so that keeps us busy. Did you ever get any use out of those ROF missions I tried to get to you via SimHQ. Man I think of the hours invested in mission building, crazy but fun. Snaggle, thanks for this weeks racing invite, Unfortunately Wed. is a scheduled Arma 3 night for a number of us so won't be able to make it. I do hope to link up soon though. Cheers Guys Fawlty
  9. Hi Pfeil I live just over on the Island near Victoria. A visit to https://www.capbridge.com/ Is always a good way to send a few hours and it's located not far from the city in North Van. Easy access to it as well by public transit if your not driving. This is another good one to see the natural beauty of the area https://lynncanyon.ca/
  10. Hi Guy's, Looking forward to getting together with you for some good online racing, both on our server and yours. Can't say I'm all that good but there are a few in our group that will give you all a good competitive race. Next Assetto Corsa meet for us is this Monday at 1800pst https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/oldfokkers/monday-feb-11th-1st-race-t4224.html Cheers Fawlty
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