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Vid of 2 Bombing runs together with SIA on Finnish Virtual


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Friday a week ago, 19th of May, @Greif, @Heinrich and me flew 2 very nice sorties together with some SIA Pilots (Stahl, Noken, Suren, Arc and Koss, if I remember correctly)... I created a film out of my vid caps I took during the flying:

Still pretty amateurish vid-cut, but well... 😉 

Was very cool flying with them 🙂

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Very cool, thanks for making this, Etzel 👍 Especially that second run was so very satisfying to see!

BTW, is an idea to add at the beginning of the run to have a brief shot of each participating plane with the name of the pilot? Not necessarily for this video as it's done already, but that would give an overview of all the pilots that participated, which is fun.

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True. It's in game name not real name, of course so I estimated privacy is not really a concern. It's always possible to ask if all are ok you're recording with the possible intention to put it on YT, and probably the polite thing to do in any case.

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