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  1. Thanks a lot guys!!! Well, this award is heavily owed to all the brave pilots who shot down plenty of enemy fighters even before I was joining the mission all the latest FiF sessions... 😁 So my thanks here go to our great FiF Team! Salute 🍾πŸ₯‚
  2. I think not, because of this: πŸ˜‰
  3. ...as FiF was the trigger for me to reactive RoF now, chances are good that I will take the chance to join other RoF events too (at least from time to time) πŸ˜‰
  4. was fun, unfortunatly it seems there are no server logs available on our stats page from that point of time where we had the server issues... Wanted to check my bomb sortie to see if I caused at least any damage to the tanks, but the only mission I found on my profile was the one after that I was not able to finish flight.
  5. Not sure if I make it today, mabye somewhen towards the end of the mission....
  6. Thanks guys... the info out of that posting that finally helped was the path to the update-launcher: Rise of Flight\bin_game\release\rof_updater.exe So at least logging in is possible again, I hope to find the time now to check all other settings, seems I need to update the key-map-configs as RoF has mixed up controller numbers again since my last login.... Well if this is the only issue the fix should be possible within 10 minutes, so if I don't find any other problems I will be able to join tomorrows session (late, as usually)
  7. Hi Guys, wanted to check my RoF settings today and when I try to log in I get an Error that I have some modified files in my installation !? I checked with JSGME that no Mods are activated, I tried to activate all mods and deactivate them, I even deleted the MOD-Folder completely now; tried update the game to start a repair, but when I press the Update-Button on the start-up-window nothing happens....!?? I also deleted everything I found with the ModSearch.exe file (seems only the custom skins were found), but nothing helped.... Out of Ideas what to do? Logging in with "Mods On" would work, but does not help for flying FiF.... => Anyone has any tipps how to solve this (quickly, without doing a complete re-install)? Thanks / best Etzel
  8. as they are using the same engine, I would expect it should affect the ability to spot planes in all titles inlc. FC and Tank Crew. What I don't know is, if the changes are anyhow relevant for the spotting of ground targets, esp. of tanks....πŸ€”
  9. yes Edit: Well, It's still not too easy to spot enemy towards the ground, but in my perception they found a good compromise now
  10. II./JG1_Etzel JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) CET (UTC +2 Daylight Time / +1 Standardtime)
  11. Etzel


    Very sad News... Esp after playing together with Darth Tater for the First Time Last Sunday Deepest condolence 😒
  12. Hi Mates, Just wanted to point out, that the never ending issue of aircraft spotting actually is boiled up again at in the IL2-Forum: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/64680-discussion-on-the-plane-visibility-issue/ So far I did not even read through the Opening Posting of Han, not talking about the 11 Pages of ongoing discussions. But there is also a blog entry by shamrockonefive in his blog: https://stormbirds.blog/2020/08/22/il-2-devs-talk-spotting-in-great-battles/ ..and that one I did read through and I agree by 100% with his experience on that topic and on his conclusions. For me the spotting ability still is the absolute main factor when it comes to a dog fight and I still have severe difficulties on it; thats also one of the main reasons that many times I prefer flying attackers or bombers (especially in WW2); it's absolutely not because I don't like flying fighters, it's simply because searching for ground targets to attack has simply less frustration potential as flying through the air for long time, screening the environment all the time and in the end suddenly find myself stuck in a dogfight with nearly hopeless starting conditions. Well, during the last month and weeks, when we europe pilots managed to fly more frequently in groups of 2, 3 or sometimes even 4 I definitely see a progress in our spotting skills, but still it's a long long way to go bevore I can call myself a relevant factor during the fights for air superiority! What I like about shamrocks post is that the reading gave simply gave me a feeling of justification... it's not (at least not only) my own shortcoming but it is a very difficult thing in IL2 and it is a problem for many many other pilots too; not only for bloody noobs but also for pilots that flying this (and other) sim(s) for years now; thus that blog entry can be shown to any new player who's suffering on that situation too.... 😜 And btw. that spotting issue is one more reason why I hope they put some focus back on FC1: For my taste in WW1 environment that issue is not that crucial, simply because of the much slower planes... Even if someone with perfect VR-Set-Up on the highest setting spots you minutes before you spot him... when he comes in sight to you in most cases you still will have chances to react somehow and compensate the situation. So I think 1C should see, that FC probably could be the best "starter drug" to the Il2 world: The planes are much more easy to learn than the ones in WW2, less engine management means you need less sophisticated hardware-controlers to still fly them properly, the situation with slower planes makes it easer also for people with not that powerfull hardware.... Nevertheless it is a full realism simulation that in many cases will light the fire of passion for combat simulation ... therefore will in the long term produce also customers for all the other modules... Salute Etzel
  13. Thanks for the Info Gen, chances for me to join looking by now! Event start as 8:30 p.m. (in CET) will probably hard to meet for me, but I probably can join about 1 hour after mission start. Can u PM the adress & password of SCG TeamsSpeak to me please?
  14. ...that was what I was affraid off... well, at least some space won back on the Harddisk Thx for the info Vonrd anyhow
  15. +1 here... πŸ˜‰
  16. Hi Guys, a new Update was released for IL2 today, and (suddenly?) I am not able to load Recordings in the game: => Anyone else can check if this issue occurs too with him? Thx / Salute Etzel
  17. Unfortunately the timeslot until 2000 UTC is not really good for me... meaning in most session I will be only able to participate the last hour ... πŸ˜• Anyhow like to register, but what is the JG1 choice sidewise? Is it "either, put me where u need me" or "central preferred"?
  18. Hi, 2 or 3 of us europes will be online in IL2 in about 1 hour (1930 UTC), probably TAW ir any other Great Battles Server (as FC servers ar nearly empty during week in european prime time) Maybe some others have time too and want to join.
  19. Absolutely understood... it's my call to report wΓ­llingness to join early enough so that you can PM me sensible infos. Normally I check forum at least via mobile but in that case I simply did not see that specific post... Anyhow, next time I will hopefully not react that late πŸ˜‰
  20. I went to discord, but did not see any info with the password nor did I see you online there... (do you have a different nickname on discord?) I finally thought I was simply too late, also as the SCG server showed only 11 people online. Well next time I hopefully recognice such posts earlier, was not at home during the weekend πŸ˜‰
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