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Harald Bauer, From the Luftwaffe to the US Navy


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I met Harald Bauer at one of the monthly events at Planes of Fame in 2012. As a 17 year old teenager Harald flew the He-162 as a factory pilot from the factory to the front lines during the war. Of the 65 factory pilots that started with Harald only 5 which included himself survived the war.

Harald flew black op reconnaissance missions for the US Navy during the Korean war.

Harald Bauer, From the Luftwaffe to the US Navy
(The video must be watched on YouTube)

A Facebook page with 21 photos from his early life and career/s.

The absolute best line from his interview when I saw him at Planes of Fame in 2012 is when he is telling about the time he is at a party with several US fliers from the war and he states that he was at a particular airfield on a specific date. This statement causes one of the pilots to claim that was not possible because his bomb group was attacking that airfield on that date. At this point he states, I never said I was on your side, or something to that effect. 🙃

Sadly Harald passed in 2018 at the age of 90 after a fall.



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