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Machine for CLoD and RoF


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I have (think) to upgrade my pc again if I want to run RoF and CLod properly.

My machine:


i3 540 3.07 GHZ


Win7 Ultimate 64bit

VD GeForce 9500GT


With that I got FPS follow:


IL2 - 30

MW2 - 28

ROF - 17


CLoD - 8


What do you sugest?

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Two things that jump out at me


1. The processor - i5's and i7's seems to be the most friendly to CloD

2. The video card - 9500GT's just isnt enough


Since you are an intel guy - I'll defer to one of them here but RoF and CloD are/will be very processor intensive as well as video intensive


My recent rebuild of about 2 months ago:


3.4 GHz (OC'd to 3.8) AMD Phenom II quad core

nVidia 560Ti OC

4GB memory


This runs RoF flawlessly. Cliffs of Dover, I turn ground, buildings and forest down to medium or lower. Frame rates are nice.



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