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Can not login as Erhardt


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Hello guys.


Erhardt here.

I have been unable to login with my normal account the last 3-4 days.

On the II./JG1 and Richthofen forums I get: "A critical error has occurred. Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


I get the same message on the "main JG1 screen" – www.jg1.org


If/when the problem is sorted out, please delete this account as I made it just so that I could post.





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Erhardt, do me a favor. Run virus and malware tools.








Looking at the logs, I see these errors "Object not set to an instance of an object." when trying to log in. (Starting on the 16th.) The reason I want you to run the virus/malware stuff, is the underlying error is related to a SQL Injection Attack. This would imply that there may be a browser hijack on your system.


Not saying that there is, just saying that it's quite possible.

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Raven, Spies and I talked last night, and I got the impression that Raven is going to try and recreate the data that was lost from the aspnet_Users table. This should re-link the account to the jg1_Users. Your password will need to be reset though.


I'll let Raven speak to this, however. He may have changed his mind.


For the time, however, just sit tight.

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Hi guys. Sorry I havent responded earlier, spent the last 24 hours with a fever (started feeling bad at work yesterday and I am spending the day in bed - hope I will be good by tonight in which case I will be online for some ROF).


Thanks for the help guys!


Erhardt out - and off to bed!


(edit: I accedenaly put in ROE and not ROF...I know....ROE is something else all together).

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