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Iron Maiden singer plans WW1 dogfight at Sonisphere


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Thought this was cool.




According to another link:




We have two Fokker Dr1s, 403/17 which was built by John Day and first flew in 2006, replicates the Dr1 flown by Leutnant Johann Janzen [13 victories] of Jasta 6, of JG1. It carries the unit markings of a black/white striped tail and black cowling, with Janzen’s personal marking of a ‘white snake’ line on a black band, edged with white on the rear fuselage. Janzen became ‘Staffelfuhrer’ [Leader] of Jasta 6 and survived a crash-landing, when the control cables of his Triplane were shot away in combat. After the sad death of John Day the aircraft was bought by Bruce Dickinson and continues to fly with the Team.


The other aircraft is 556/17 which was built by its owner, Peter Bond in 2010. It replicates the Dr1 flown by Leutnant Ludwig “Lutz” Beckmann also of Jasta 6 in March 1918 which was then based at Lechelle. Beckmann survived the Great War and commanded a transport unit of the Luftwaffe in WW2.


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