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  1. And also missing EN88 page 26, 32 and 34.
  2. Thanks, but I have ordered everything I had an error in the list of the missing files I told you that I was missing EN84 page 18, the page I'm missing is EN80 page 18.
  3. WOW, I never realized how big of a task this was until I saw this picture. I don't know how to thank you enough for doing this.
  4. If I had the money I would also convert a Buchon into a 109 but that would have to happen after buying the FW190 and BMW801 from the Laatzen museum and make them airworthy.
  5. http://www.airport-data.com/search/search2.html?field=model&search=Search&code=Hispano+HA-1112-M1L+Buchon still a few left
  6. I think it is this one HA-1112-M1L c/n 133 C.4K-64 (N109FF), ex-USAFM, , Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Beach, Virginia, being engined with DB605 http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/N109FF.html
  7. This aircraft is a Buchon C.4K-64 according to http://www.warbirdsnews.com/warbirds-news/messerschmitt-progress.htmlwith a mercedes DB605.
  8. This is in spanish, it either has parts made in Spain or it was built in Spain.
  9. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ca8_1422931515
  10. http://consequenceofsound.net/2015/01/is-aphex-twin-secretly-leaking-an-entire-vault-of-unreleased-music/ https://soundcloud.com/user48736353001
  11. So sorry for your loss, my deepest condolences to Wringer's family and all those close to him.
  12. Sorry, I updated the forum but missed that it was not working properly for the last 2 hours. This new update should fix some of the issues that IE users had in the forum.
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