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S! All


Wen night session, 20, Jan 2016 had a display error.


The actual missions done by Blue team were 7. The final total said 8.   I went through the logic of the mission completion and the mission total. They looked fine.   Well computers are like Old Testament Gods, Lots of rules and no forgives.  There had to be a problem somewhere. 


After about 6 hours of tearing the program apart, I finally found it.  The Blue team artillery ships ran through the Red team surprise attack. Two of the Red team ships were sunk. There is a counter that collects the total ships destroyed and then adds to the mission totals. This counter was set to 1 instead of 4. So a single ship was enough to add to the total but not the mission completion.



Sorry for the confusion. This is why adding new missions is so dangerous. It takes a while to get the bugs out.



btw Lots of fun!      Congrats to all for a great time.


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