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  1. Does your mother board have built in graphics? Unlikely long shot might be you’re running on built in intel graphics not the 1080Ti.
  2. Good to hear you’re safe Vic!
  3. Found this, although I suspect you already have it. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/driver-verifier-dma-violation
  4. I won’t be flying this Saturday (Sep 21). Grandkids visiting and the Thunderbirds are at Oceana this weekend.
  5. Lee

    BOX update

    I had to delete the entire Update folder before it would update.
  6. There was a family renting our oceanfront house one week when it rained every day. From the comments they left in the guest book, they were starting to get cabin fever and were a bit depressed................ until they found the Legos! We have a couple of big bins of legos in the house for rainy days acquired over the years at garage sales. Apparently saved their vacation.
  7. Oculus is releasing their Oculus Rift S. Supposed to be better optics, but the big plus I see is the tracking sensors are built into the headset. Gives you room scale VR while eliminating the need for external sensors, each of which needs its own USB port and full room scale uses three of them. https://www.oculus.com/rift-s/?&utm_source=gg&utm_medium=a_ps&utm_term=oculus%20rift%20s&utm_campaign=1828267642&utm_content=345439811735&utm_parent=rift-s&utm_ad=70308409660&utm_location=9008535&utm_location2=&utm_placement=kwd-390594492938&utm_adposition=1t1&utm_device=t&utm_matchtype=p&utm_feed=&gclid=CNHDnK3h_OECFcmmswodr4UKQg&gclsrc=ds
  8. Finally got around to updating IL2 last night. Love the PD.III in VR! It appears more compact in VR than 2D. I loaded up RoF just to check the apparent size differences. Same size, but the VR experience is much better. Also flew a pattern in the P-47. Got it up and down in one piece, but will have to do some studying on systems and engine operation. Remember, I'm just a lowly Sailplane pilot. Once we get more than an airspeed indicator, altimeter, variometer and compass I'm pretty much lost.
  9. Welcome back! I figured you’d be back eventually, but am pleasantly surprised your leave got cancelled sooner rather than later. Have fun buying a new set of controllers. Sticking with Ch, or are you going to try some other kit?
  10. Lee

    VR Tactics

    Nothing wrong with using TrackIR for war flying and VR for casual flying. You just can’t beat the immersion of VR, but the current generation headsets arn’t there as far as resolution is concerned. That said, I play Elite Dangerous exclusively in VR, even though my 34 inch curved monitor renders photo real. It’s the difference between being in the simulation as opposed to looking in through a window from the outside. The Oculus is first gen commercial VR. Second gen will double the resolution and third gen will double it again. I’ll be skipping the second gen. Third gen will require an all new computer and video card. BTW, third gen will really mess with our minds. TrackIR is now and always will be the only way when seated to easily look behind. That’s the downside of the “reality†part of VR, you have to be able to twist your shoulders and neck 180 degrees to see behind like you do in real life. I’m a long time past being able to do that.
  11. Lee

    VR Tactics

    I know the P-40 and Yak 1b have mirrors.
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