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  1. Try this: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/51103-error-10027-packed-data-verification-have-not-passed/?p=713312
  2. JG1_Lee_J10 JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) EDT
  3. Was going to buy a couple of sectional charts to use with MSFS 2020, but discovered charts suitable for simulation flying are available online and are optimized for iPad type devices. I’m sure most of you guys already knew this, but it was new to me. Here’s the website: http://vfrmap.com
  4. Lee

    ROF v. FC

    I still have RoF installed. Last time I ran it I had to do a google search to figure out why it wouldn't start from the launcher. Some sort of update was needed. Got it sorted, but forget exactly what the issue was. I'll tournament fly either FC or RoF, although as I'm starting to run FC in VR more it won't be too long before there is no going back.
  5. @Britchot Thanks for the reply. It's the "as required" part I'm not clear on. My procedure was inferred from the manual so your response is much appreciated and gives me a good feeling on how I'm handling the engine. In all of my personal flying, the engine was always 200 feet away at the other end of the tow line. I had previoulsy downloaded the manual. I think we have the 80 hp version in game, not the 100 hp model. The RPMs in game match the 80hp manuals. I wish MicroSoft would tell us exactly which version of the Katana we have in game. They should also include a flight manual for each aircraft. Oh well, there is always google. The 80 hp manual is here: http://support.diamond-air.at/fileadmin/uploads/files/after_sales_support/DV20_Katana/Airplane_Flight_Manual/Basic_Manual/40103-r3-DV20-AFM-USA.pdf
  6. So far, I’ve been doing local VFR flights getting used to how the G430 works on the DV20. Triangles with forty mile legs and airports as turn points. Sometimes doing a touch and go at the turn points to help me sort out the traffic control mechanics. Also doing some cross country flights like Virginia Beach to Washington DC. I did fly down to Kittyhawk and land at the First Flight airstrip. Warning! DC is not hand made scenery. The aluminum pyramid on top of the Washington monument is missing, among many, many other things. I guess it’s a carve out for the aftermarket scenery makers. Can someone help me with management of Rotex on the DV20? You have propeller pitch and throttle Controls. RPM is controlled by propeller pitch. What I’ve been doing is taking off at max 2500 RPM and full throttle, then reducing RPM to the 2200 - 2400 range and backing off the throttle to drop manifold pressure by 1 to 2 in. Hg. That sound reasonable?
  7. Been trying the different aircraft and really like the DA40 and DV20. I guess it’s because I’m a glider pilot and they were derived from a motor glider. Plus they have the best view out. I downloaded their Aircraft Flight Manuals from the Diamond website. I’m going to do the all the flight lessons in the C152 to learn proper procedures for operating the engine thingy, radio coms, and the navigation gadgets. My sailplane equipment was very basic, the most sophisticated instrument being an electric audio variometer powered by two D-cell batteries. Navigation was by compass using a road map more than the aeronautical chart.
  8. Have it, set it up and made a couple of flights. Flies nice, the scenery is stunning as well as the clouds, aircraft and fully clickable cockpits. Not to say everything is perfect. Stay high and all is well. Flew over a couple of my and my relatives current and former houses. Yup, they are there! But when you get down low they don’t look anything like in real life. Procedurally generated buildings adds realism to the scenery, so long as you don’t get too close and know what the buildings actually look like. I also like that it’s a living world, with aircraft traffic, moving ground vehicles and people. Nice touches that further enhance the richness of the scenery. Although this too is an area needing some additional work. Some of those vehicles were doing really strange things. Zipping back and forth on the same street, going nowhere. I had a bus drive on to a taxi way in front of me then stop. He wouldn’t move until I went around him. Which was a little tricky as the procedurally generated runway lights were a tad high and awkwardly placed. I suspect a lot of people will fly around in the external view just taking in the scenery. I know I will.
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if some military flight sim pilots have never actually landed a plane, other than In a burning heap of rubble. I’m hoping the scenery is as good as promised. Visit the airports I used to fly gliders out of, fly over all the relatives houses, fly over and visit interesting places.
  10. I pre-ordered. Anyone else? TrackIR will be supported at release and VR maybe by October, with the HP Reverb the first supported headset. I see Thrustmaster is releasing an Airbus side-stick version of the T.16000 and an Airbus style dual throttle, likely motivated by the FS 2020 release. Currently busy doing some clean-up and maintenance on my flight sim workstation.
  11. Lee


    I live in Virginia Beach and the storm center went by about 40 miles west of us. Power out from 0645 Tuesday until 0100 Wednesday.
  12. Congratulations Hotlead!
  13. Lee

    Zuper VR!

    According to the PCMag Reverb G2 review: ” HP recommends at least an Intel Core i7 or Xeon E3-1240 v5 CPU; Nvidia GTX 1080, Quadro P5200, or Radeon Pro WX 8200 GPU; and 16GB of RAM. That's twice the RAM and a good step or two higher each for CPU and GPU (from a Core i5-4590 and Nvidia GTX 1060 or 970) than you need to use the Rift S. You also need a DisplayPort 1.3 port and a USB 3.0 port“
  14. I still have RoF installed, TrackIR and a Rift. I’d be up for either sim. 777 did screw up the FC two-seater plane by giving the Entente Bristols instead of RE.8s.
  15. While on my recent Elite Dangerous exploration, my Oculus Rift right earphone lost audio. By fiddling with the right slip joint on the headset, I could get it working again, but only intermittently. When exploring, I’m always lifting the headset so I can see to make notes. I figure with all the extra movement of I wore or frayed a cable in the slip joint. This seems to be a common problem with the rift as I was able to find a relatively easy fix on the web. It appears the earphone loses ground when the cable frays, so using a length of fine telephone wire to connect the botton pins (ground?) on the left and right earphone restores functionality. At least it did for me. Here are the YouTube links showing how it’s done. Left earphone fix, excellent step by step instructions. https://youtu.be/oLrT94lakpo Right earphone fix, basically saying the left fix works for the right earphone too. https://youtu.be/DNZ-i5K3fZ0
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