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New mission?


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S! All


Gen_Markov had an idea for a mission, "Capture the General". He volunteered to be capture first, lol.  Actually it is a nice idea.


It is a secondary mission. You have to complete a previous mission, most likely the photo recon. 


"A convoy with a General has been spotted. We want to capture him. He may have important papers. He was seen leaving town (X), headed for the (train, barge, airfield, river airfield, or Army Rear HQ at city Y)"


We have a start and end point that will work on every map.

A two seater labeled capture must be used.


When you find the General's convoy, there will be a defensive AAA truck and an open bed truck. The General will be in an automobile. You will need to kill the AAA truck and then damage the General. At 50% damage he will fire a flare. This is his surrender signal. The two seater must land to pick him up. You could land in any field within 3 km. Then the plane must return to anywhere in friendly territory to be successful. 


The main problem is that the landing area can not be checked for a definite OK place to land, It would be dependent upon where you encounter him.


The real purpose of this was for a dynamic campaign where if captured, the Generals papers give intel about either troop movements/location or strategic targets.


If we use this in Flanders as a secondary to photo recon, it would not produce an additional target as it it would be very late.


Instead of being a secondary, it could be a primary. At the beginning of a session you get a message from HQ that gives the appropriate info. Just like the subtitles for the bridge, aerodrome and factory. Then it would be done earlier in the session and it could provide a secondary.


This is similar to the "Spy Mission" but with the problem of possible bad terrain to land on.



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Well it  can add either 1  or 2 missions. Preferable to the side NOT doing the spy mission.


It looked like our last FiF was very good with 12 missions each. We very rarely achieved  all 12 on either side.



The side Not doing the spy has





Road convoy

Front line recon - surprise attack - Reserve unit

Hidden recon - secondary bomber target- HQ bomber target

Arty spot - secondary bomber target


Replacing 2 missions would remove the arty spot. We would have Capture the General and a secondary bomber target instead.


Replacing one mission, I would pick the surprise attack. The Front line recon would give you General's location when you land as well as the usual reserve unit location.


btw  for normal maps the surprise attack was changed to a front line trench attack. The target was 2 machine guns and 2 horse drawn wagons at a random spot on the trenches.

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Please don't remove the Arty Spot.  IMHO it's a core mission for both sides.  The Arty Spot is, in general, probably the best mission for emulating what they really did in WWI to help their side win.  If anything, it would be better to have to do 2 or 3 of them.  However, I understand FiF is about variety and fun, so I would never expect that.


Maybe someday we'll have a themed FiF that tries to reproduce an all-out ground attack by one side, where ground attack aircraft like the Halb CL.II hit many front-line targets, and many Arty spots take place that try to eliminate enemy artillery batteries.  The action in a battle like this would be mostly at low altitudes.  Maybe the number of scouts would even be limited to some agreed upon number, such as a 50/50 ratio.

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We have done a huge 2 part tank battle,  Cambrai     There were machine gun ground troops constantly fighting and even artillery barrages of poison gas. The attack group was 4 groups of 5 tanks. They followed a zig zag path. As they moved forward , the Front or Area of Influence would move with them. If you were shot down and landed behind the advancing enemy lines, you were captured and unable to fly. There were subtitles announcing the capture.  Basically, the attackers protect tanks and kill enemy Artillery. The attackers have a poison gas battery that will take out one enemy artillery unit.. The more enemy artillery you kill, the less damage your tanks take.


Check out the Finali part 1 and 2.   It creates a focus and becomes a fur ball. The result was that whichever side had killed off most of the enemy pilots had air superiority and won.  It created a very lopsided score. It was too easy for the defenders to kill the attacking tanks even with limited planes.and was not perused.



 link here FiF XVI

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How about this: Replace the truck convoy on a road with the general. Do not tell people where he is. He gives information on a troop build up on the front lines. 


This will put a lot of pressure on finding the general.  I would use fast scouts or my rear area bombers to find him and then bring in the 2 seater capture plane.


When he returns he has papers that designate a troop build up on the front lines. This will be the front line attack mission. 1 machine gun and 3 horse drawn wagons as the target and can only be done by the 2 planes labeled front line bombers or FLB

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How about this: Replace the on road truck convoy with the General. Do not tell people where he is.


I would use fast scouts or rear area bombers to find him and then call in the Capture 2 seater.


When he gets back to base he gives intel on a troop build up at a specific point on the enemy lines. This is the trench attack mission. It can only be done by 2 planes with limited ordinance label Front line bombers or FLB. The target is one machine gun and 3 horse drawn wagons.

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update on mechanics


Just like spy mission it has 2 planes with different names. No tag team.  Changed it to kill the flak truck. The General is not affected but his driver need laundry service. Driver stops the car and fires flare. Capture plane lands and picks up General. message like spy in lower left corner. Capture plane lands anywhere in friendly area to complete mission. Generals papers show troop build up on the front ... etc.


Easier than trying to damage General  If  killed on the way home the second plane can go out ... but the general will not fire flare He will be at same place tied up in the back of the car. Just do not forget where you left him.

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