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FiF XXIV Final format and minor changes

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S! All


The Dry run went rather well. Afterwords we had about 20 pilots on TS discussing some issues.


1.  Blue team will start as Central. Red team will start as Entente.


2.  There will not be an A event and then switch sides for a B event. Each team will fly either Central or Entente for two weeks and then switch sides. The teams will continue to switch every two weeks until the total number of missions are completed to attain victory.


3. The 28, May 2016 weekend is a big holiday in the U.S. We are going to push the start date back a week. Dates looks like:



  4 June:  Blue Central, Red Entente

11 June:  Blue Central, Red Entente

18 June: Eagle of Lille

25 June: Red Central, Blue Entente

  2 July:  BIG U.S holiday  Independance Day week end, no flying

  9 July:  Red Central, Blue Entente

16 July:  Blue Central, Red Entente, Unless we need to break for Bastille Day?


4. Plane match ups stay as is. All entente scouts may use all weapons mods, including over wing guns.  DFW and Breguet  may add twin rear guns only. 

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