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Testing the Bf 109 E3


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I've always loved this picture.  It's just so surreal to see.


If you're interested, here is some information regarding the facility:





The facility is the Luftfahrtforschungsanstalt Hermann Goering. It was located in Volkenrode, a suburb of Braunschweig. It was the most advanced wind tunnel test facility in the world at the time, though they were never able to fully calibrate most of the equipment due to the war.


The motto on the eagle behind the plane says: “Das deutsche Volk wird sich durch die Eroberung der Luft seinen ihm gebührenden Platz in der Welt erzwingen”. Translated, it would be “The German people will, though conquest of the sky, force/enforce its duly/befitting place in the world”.


Supposedly, the facility remained so secret that the Allied air forces never bombed it:




There are a few other pictures online that you can find in google. :)

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