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  1. Hey guys, just to add to this drama, I've recently discovered that if the buttons grey out, if you hit the windows key and type STORE and open the Microsoft store that way, they come back... What a wild ride.
  2. Great, I'll have to catch you all online soon then! I usually get back home around 10 on Thursdays, so it'd just be the last half.
  3. Hello everyone, long time no see! I've been off playing Warhammer 40k recently, playing on Thursday nights, and now I see Thursdays are FC nights too! Starts at 9:15 EST, about how long do you all play for?
  4. Ha! And I’ve definitely tried to set real world objects down on VR surfaces 😫
  5. So for those of you with a VR headset, what's your weirdest sensation you've experienced so far? Flying or not? I definitely remember the weird sense of experience-proper vertigo I had the first time I flew in it and started doing hard turns, but I just had one of my weirdest experiences yet. I came in for a landing in 109 in IL2, and I'm applying the breaks to stop rolling, and at the moment the plane stopped moving, my body involuntarily leaned forward, as if I'd hit the breaks in real life. Very strange!
  6. Yeah, so I have no self-control when spending money so I got both FC and Kuban. Buzzing around in VR in a Dr.1 is almost too fun to be legal, but where I’m going to get killed in MP is how hard it is to see behind me now. I can reliably -almost- see the vertical stabilizer, but only for a few seconds. I really have to jerk my torso around, And I inevitably move the stick too. Any exercises to help make that movement smoother?
  7. @AngryGoat Don't worry, I haven't ordered it yet either, but I came here to see what people where saying. It's either FC for $60 with the discounts, or Kuban for $37. What do you all recommend right now? EDIT: Okay, I talked myself into FC first...
  8. The map is definitely a chore in VR. How do you switch between VR and non VR? Is there a quick and easy way to do it?
  9. I am a little miffed about having to re-build my plane collection again, especially if they're doing the bundle approach rather than a la carte like RoF. Buuuuut... having just recently gotten an Oculus Rift, I have to say that I'm very excited about jumping back in with you guys on a server and playing in VR. The relatively uncomplicated nature of WWI planes (without all the switches and buttons) should make VR flying an absolute blast!
  10. So I recently built a new computer. GTX 1070 Ti, the newest coffee lake Intel i5, 16gb of memory... and I got an oculus rift. I’ve been busy playing a bunch of rift games and haven’t really flown much, but tonight I’ve been playing Elite in VR and I do t think I can go back to TrackIR with it! The VR graphics aren’t spectacular, but I’ve been bounty hunting in resource extraction site, and moving my whole body to track targets is just freaking amazing! I don’t know how well some serious DCS will work with it, but I’m looking forward to playing some IL2!
  11. This is vital for flight simming! I don't know how many times I thought I'd seen something off in the distance, only to discover it was just a dirty screen!
  12. I didn't realize it wasn't working with the newest DCS version until I went back to look at a flight that I really wanted to review
  13. Yeah, so the fix I posted in the OP didn't work. I'm not sure what CMStart is either, so I guess maybe I don't use it? Also, this happens even without TS loaded up.
  14. Alright, I think I might have found a solution to the problem that some of us are having with CH Products Control Manager after the Windows 10 update. The issue that I myself was having was that after downloading a profile to the stick, the buttons that allowed me to switch between direct mode, mapped mode and off mode would grey out, and the stick would become unresponsive. Sometimes this was resolved after numerous reboots, but then only until the next profile download. Using the instructions found here I've been able to successfully switch profiles a number of times without encountering the problem. Here's the steps: You need to prevent your computer from saving information to boot faster upon shutdown (you need to turn off fast startup in windows) so that it treats the controllers the same whether you cold boot or restart. 1. Click the start button and type "CONTROL PANEL", then choose Hardware and Sound then Power options. On the left side click "Choose what the power Buttons do". Now click "Change settings that are currently unavailable". Lastly UNcheck "Turn on fast startup (recommended)" 2. Now when you boot from cold boot or a restart it will treat the controller the same way. 3. Boot/reboot the computer. When it comes up DO NOT DO anything related to games or control manager loading scripts. You must open Control Center, or Control manager and wait for about 2-3 minutes until you hear the last chirp of the USB being recognized. Once that last chirp happens you can then load scripts or change whatever. If you do not wait for the last chirp (2-3 minutes) and you try to manage your controllers then you must reboot and start over. 4. Instead of manually opening control center upon startup. You can add the CMStart.exe (CH startup program for the 5 sec delay) shortcut to your SHELL:STARTUP folder. Here's to hoping it holds! S!
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