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BH_Osten memorial


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Hi All,

Butzzell recently posted this on the ROF boards:





S! All


On September 26, Scott Owens ( BH_Osten ) went West. It was very unexpected.


His family has a tribute wall here.


He was very active online and in RL. He has been involved in flight sims from way back in the RB3D days. I had to pleasure of meeting him in Rhinebeck.


The Flanders in Flames tournament on October 15, 20016 will be dedicated to him. Immediately afterwards there will be a memorial fly-in on the JG1 server. That will be at about 4:05 pm Eastern North American time.  There is no password and all are welcome to the memorial.






Please try and attend if you're able.

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I got an email from vonGuber that mentioned that the comms were going to be on the BH TS3 server.  He mentioned all are welcome and gave the connection info, but I won't post the TS info here....not sure they want their PW made public.  Probably best to ask somebody who knows a BH member, or somebody close to them.  In any case, I know it.

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Hi All,


Rotermann has created a video of BH_Osten's online memorial, which was held on 15 October 2016.


Unfortunately, there is no recording of the eulogies spoken on TeamSpeak.  But I think the video clearly shows how much Osten meant to a lot of us here.


RIP Scott.  You are missed.


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