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  1. Thanks guys im glad that you like it 🙂
  2. Hey guys, i am working on some Albatros D.Va skins for Jasta 6. Skins are 4K. Here is first one (historical): Albatros D.V, D.1148/17 flown by Ltn. Hans Adam, Jasta 6, summer 1917 Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/87in17qo9m79w2e/J6+Hans+Adam.zip I hope that you like it. Have fun 😉 Pictures:
  3. Thanks Luftritter. In my opinion the JG1 is unit with excellent friendship, skills of members and own virtual campaigns. Not many others units can say the same - if any. The quality of our unit is evidenced by the fact that it has more than 20 years. That's my vote and I am very proud than I can be a part of this exceptional unit and can be with great people which are my friends. S! P. S. Honestly, I learned English here and I'm still learning. Well, please be patient, sometimes I don't understand myself what I wrote or said
  4. Thanks friend I had luck only, in JG1 are many better pilots like me
  5. Hallo friends, sincerely greetings from the Republic of the Northern Macedonia, where my unit is guarding the European Union's borders against illegal migration. One more week - and looking forward to our joint mission. Best regards Baron
  6. For myself - both sides.
  7. The easiest way is to buy everything The Corsairs will be later in Pacific. With Hellcats, P-38, Ki-84, Ki-61 etc etc etc. Maybe with B-24 too. But when will Okinawa release - this know the almighty God only. Several years in the future i suppose.
  8. To Luftritter: answer on your question - i have not idea. I reported to devs the same question about % of fuel but without reply from them yet. We will see later.
  9. To Kliegmann - D. VIIF is fine-tuned now.
  10. You are wrong. D. VII is much much better like in ROF. Note - we have version with Mercedes D. III and his maneuver ability is excellent. Yesterday we did fight with Pfeil against J2_Bidu - he was in Dolphin and he hag not any chance. It were fight one on one, not group fight. Final result - 4:0 for Fokker (Pfeil's score was 3:0). Fokker's FM is correct, but still not finished. He is faster like in ROF (190 km/h in horisontal flight) and when you are using rudder and ailerons altogether, Fokker is very agile. By the way later i was in fight with another pilot from the Syn squad (he was in the Camel) and was the same result - 4:0 for me in the Fokker. Last and not least - D. VII have different proccess of pilotage like for example Pfalz. About your flight problems - i have not anything from thing what about you wrote. Sure, D. VII is heavy a bit on the tail, but nothing tragical. Engine is durable not like in ROF. About constantly bob up and down - have not this. Maybe issue is in your stick not in game. Honestly - i dont need any change in my control stick. Using Thrustmaster Warthog.
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