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IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad - Made it out alive at least


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The awesomeness of those graphics is hard to overstate. The cockpit view looks photo realistic. Did you upgrade your settings at all? Looks really nice.

I'm running the game on full. Clicking the "sharpness" or whatever box in graphics makes a big difference when trying to track planes over the forrest

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S! Baron,


Go see this video from Barton, you will get great info for you planes!





Wow, that controls adjustment feature in BoS seems FAR less powerful than RoF's.  Is there no way to adjust the actual center position (not dead zone) of each axis?  Though this may be unnecessary in this game, if there is a trim control for each axis built into the plane, on every plane, or if all the planes are magically perfectly balanced in every axis by default, assuming the game controller is calibrated.  I hate to say it but it seems dumbed down, such a thing would be far too inadequate for a plane like the N17, Dr.1, and others, where asymmetrical adjustments are absolutely necessary if you're going to maximize your own potential to control the plane.  Even the old original IL2 series seems to have had more adjustability built in.  But I understand that the current version might be perfectly adequate for this sim....if you guys say so.

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