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  1. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/40260-30th-fighter-squadron-cinematic-series-lelv30/ Did some voice acting for a video project (“The Tiger”) LeLv30_Redwing put together and I like the way it turned out. Going to redo the first video he did before he had (such amazing) voice actors. So stay tuned for more!
  2. Holy crap that's awesome! 200 combat mission for a bomber is absolutely insane.
  3. I did pretty much the same thing to a Bf-109K4 in my first ever fight online in a p-38
  4. Barton


    And here it is from my perspective:
  5. Yes but this is the L model with speed flaps. I didn’t have to dive on the 262 anyhow.
  6. Barton


    I’ll be posting it from my perspective. Glad I was able to record it
  7. Barton


    Saw this post of a video of a guy getting shot up in a 262. I think I know where those .50s came from 😆😆 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/61056-lucky-me-262-returns-to-base-with-one-engine-on-combat-box-server/
  8. I flamed a 262 yesterday and he dove away putting out the engine fire and RTB’d. On a side note I am absolutely in love with the P-38
  9. Yeah I thought that would have done more damage. I also didn't kill the P-47 I shot right after that. Reviewing the footage revealed he saved it from that stall and flew home. I can more believe that with the Jug's reputation but I expected more from the P-51 wing hit and the bounce on the Spitfire.
  10. I think it is a step in the right direction. Much less gratuitous dismembering. Though I think some are a little too strong. A lot of the Russian early war planes were a lot of plywood and they seem to take a beating like they’re made from steel. More fine tuning but it is better that you have to be able to put a lot of shots in where they count to get a kill instead of a few lucky rounds taking a wing off
  12. With GLOC you have to have it in game and it certainly is a factor in actual combat. It affects everyone differently in real life because of conditioning and even the build of the person. This can't easily be translated to online fighting in a sim like IL-2 and the most fair thing is to have everyone the same, so the only thing different is the pilot skill and the aircraft performance. Outside, at least, the presence of a G-suit like the P-51s have. In the other video I posted you could easily see the effects of G-fatigue and the difference between having a G-suit and not. The P-51 easily pulls a few more Gs than me without blacking out because of this. I really don't have a problem with this. It is just hard to get used to because GLOC was such a small part of the game before. You really had to pull like a madman to blackout. But that's just not the case in real life. The only way I could see them implementing a gradual GLOC sensitivity in game is having it be linked to Virtual Lives on the server. But this would require servers to record another variable of a pilot's interactions on the server. I also feel like this would be something some shitheads would try to game. Just taking off and flying around in their own backfields, far away from any combat, just pulling Gs and trying to build conditioning before going into an actual combat. Maybe they could make the GLOC a little more forgiving, assuming that everyone's pilot is a little more conditioned. This would help the game a bit I think, but I really don't have much problem with it. I have adjusted a lot by incorporating more negative-g maneuvers to force the blood back into the head of my pilot. It is also useful for fooling opponents when used well. It's part of how I was able to defeat both this 109 and the P-51. Later on in the next sortie on this same server, flying another MiG, I met this same pilot and had another fight with him, but this time I pulled into greying out in a high speed turn down low and he GLOC'd into the trees trying to follow me.
  13. I can't tell you off the top of my head which one is the ASI, I don't think I even ever looked at it in this video.
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