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  1. Seriously, you could put up a hell of a fight and even probably win flying nothing but Bristols. To deny Central players even the D.VII is a crime.
  2. LOL not even a D.VII, let alone a D.VIIF. Entente pilots really hate a challenge, I guess.
  3. Finally got it. When I updated Windows for some reason I couldn't get the internet through my router. I could get through with a hotspot off my phone, so I knew it wasn't the computer. But I forgot what I set my router info to and had to do a factory reset and reconfigure everything. After that I got internet but ran into this connection issue with IL-2. Considering I could log into the game I figured it wasn't a computer firewall issue (after pretty much eliminating it as a variable in every way possible) so I went into the router and disabled the firewall there. Ta-DAAA! Boom, I'm in.
  4. Did that, still nothing Did that, too. No dice. I don't even know what that is, but after googling it I can say the answer is no. Not sure about network drivers because it works for everything else.
  5. Yeah I tried that and it didn't work either.
  6. Upgraded to Windows 10 after years of begrudgingly giving Microsoft the middle finger about their forced update nonsense so long ago. Now IL-2 Sturmovik won't connect to multiplayer servers. Every time I select one and try to connect, regardless of which one it is, it just freezes until it times out and kicks me back to the title screen with a "Cannot connect to server" error. I tried removing the firewall and a few other things and nothing has solved the issue. I even reinstalled the game. Nothing. Any suggestions? Searching the il-2 forums has brought up nothing.
  7. To me there is no jet as gorgeous as the F-14. None.
  8. I keep forgetting how to post screens to this forum
  9. It might show up on your six, if I do it right. Hopefully I'm not the guy that makes skynet real.
  10. I have sent an e-mail to the above address.
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