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  1. Unfortunately my recording failed to record any audio at all. But this was a good mission. I shared 2 kills with Labroisse (a two-seater and the Dolphin) and got another two seater and likely another dolphin in the last engagement as well but I don't know how to look at the stats to see who I got credit for. All I know is I was wounded and damaged heavily in the last fight but was able to get out with some help from Kliegmann and his flight. Was Very fun to fly with you! Hoping to get my Oculus Rift up and running before the next FiF so that the next Hunt for the Red Eagle will be VR
  2. Barton


    That's pretty good🤣
  3. Quick Question. For the monthly challenge. How many sorties must be fly all green? 5 or 7?

    1. Barton


      7 Sorties without losing a plane.  This can be done in across a single plane type or multiple plane types.  So if you get 7 consecutive 109/190 sorties that will count even if you got killed in a 110 or 88 in between those sorties. Or if you get 7 sorties in a row regardless of plane type this will count as well.

      I have been meaning to get to posting the challenge results but I have been occupied recently.

    2. Nicholas
    3. Barton
  4. Very good handling of that fight until you got fixated on the second Se.5. Perfect example of why you don't try to turn fight in an energy fighter. These guys didn't make it easy for you but you made it look pretty easy. Good job switching targets as necessary!
  5. I got it worked out a bit. Apparently I had to re-learn that in IL-2 BoX lower graphics settings don't necessarily mean better performance, like in just about every other game I've ever encountered. Still have some stuttering and some anti-aliasing artifacts to straighten out but for the most part it's fixed. Went on Combat Box and had 60FPS with some stuttering but good enough to get 3 kills with the G-14 w/ Mk108. Would have had better accuracy but I missed my first burst at the Spit IX I was chasing but nearly 30% is still pretty good. Then again shooting that P-47 from less than 100m probably helped. That Mk. 108 really makes you feel like Gallagher
  6. I'll post/check this stuff tomorrow. I'm working a lot of overtime this weekend.
  7. i7 4790K 4.6GHz 1080Ti Nvidia 16gb ram 240GB SSD
  8. I have messed around with the global settings but I haven’t been able to get anything that is both playable and not ugly
  9. I went through the trouble of reinstalling and rebinding everything and tried like hell to get the game to be playable. The only way to get it to play at 60 fps without stutters is to run it at such low quality that it looks like a half ass knock off of IL-2 1946. I'd actually rather play that at this point. Maybe it's my PC. If it is, I'm done. I don't have the ability to upgrade my PC at this point. It would be much easier for me to simply trade my flight sim gear for a wheel and go back to racing.
  10. Little known facts about WW2 is that the Germans were the first to develop a headset that allows the pilot to see through his plane. It took the rest of the world until the F-35 to produce this capability and they were doing it back in 1945!
  11. I really wish Microsoft would get back into the WW2 sim game. Not because they were any good at it (all of their CFS games were dumpster fires out of the box) but because their platform is amazing. CFS2 was one of the best with 3rd party add ons. Not to mention an actual globe. The only limitation to your map was textures, but if you had the textures you could fly very long distances. You could, if you were insane enough, fly a complete bomber mission from England to Frankfurt and back. The maps in BoX are extremely limited. This is because the game mainly focuses on the Eastern Front where the scope was far more localized but is terrible for literally any other Theater of the war. Meh. Wish in one hand, right? It may be easier for WarThunder to cross the expanse between it's current realism and real sim territory than it will be for the 1C/777 guys to get there.
  12. It was drastic and I am reconsidering. I won't be making any decisions one way or the other for a while. I am fed up with the way BoX is being handled. Maybe I am suffering from "the good ol' days" memories of 1946. Granted, I played that sim for a very long time and I have long forgotten most of its teething issues but even with, what, 5 years of development we still have explosions and smoke visible through clouds and planes that disappear in front of them not to mention that the clouds themselves are ugly as hell. As it is I am taking a break of an unknown amount of time from at least BoX. It may be that my time spent in flight sims would be better in RoF if I were to participate in FiF again. I honestly didn't think FiF was going to survive this long.
  13. I've uninstalled BoS. Currently considering reinstalling RoF or disassembling and parting out my flight sim gear. Hardly get any chances to play anymore.
  14. luckily I have yet to experience any of that.
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