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  1. that did it! thanks!
  2. I was hoping to get online today but it seems I can't update IL-2 at the moment. Update keeps failing. Maybe the update server is down?
  3. Finally got my shelves up in my stairway and got the steins in place. These floating shelves were all home made and I'm hoping over engineered as some of these things are pretty pricey. One of them has a piece of the Berlin Wall on it and is worth about 5x what I paid for it. Sharp eyes might recognize another particular stein in the collection whose inclusion in my collection was inspired by certain events in the squadron. Happy to see them all up where they can be seen instead of hiding in my closet.
  4. I rarely watch movies even with the convenience of Netflix and a 50" TV in my living room let alone the expense and hassle of going to a theater but as soon as I saw this trailer I turned to my girlfriend and notified her that I *will* be going to see this movie on the day of release. No questions. I'm sure it will have a lot of nostalgia content, because why wouldn't it? Star Wars Episode VII did and some of that was cool, but I hope the story line and characters are a bit more developed in Top Gun than they were in Star Wars. I have zero interest in seeing another Star Wars film, ever. There is a female pilot in the trailer (for a second) so I'm assuming she's going to have a fairly central role in the film. I'll assume she's worth her salt but I hope they give her some realistic flaws. When I was supporting Top Gun in Fallon, NV we had one female Marine student pilot come through and she almost always had trouble trying to get the jet's systems to work on the ground. Almost every launch she'd have a troubleshooter hook up to walk her through something. Other pilots some of my friends talked to confirmed that she was a bit clueless on the ground but could fly like hell. In one simulated battle she bagged an F-16 AND an F-22. *EDIT: I'm sure that USAF Raptor pilot is still taking flak for being shot down by a female Marine pilot in a Legacy Hornet that is probably older then either of them.*
  5. it was WoL so somewhere around the 200 range. The lag can account for some of the odd angles hits get registered at on the client end but that just means that the gunners are that much quicker on the draw, which is just as bad.
  6. I have seen videos of Pe-2 Gunners with a single .30 take apart Fw-190s faster than I could with all eight .50s in a P-47. The damage they can do is absurd. And it's like a light switch. one millisecond they can't get close to hitting you with a shot that any noob could score hits on and the next they just decide you shouldn't exist anymore, so you don't.
  7. Congrats guys!
  8. Sharfi posted a video of a bf-110 gunner annihilating her P-47 in about 2 seconds so it definitely is not limited to the Pe-2 but from what I understand it is all tailgunners and ground AAA
  9. I don't know why but the video was set to private. This has been rectified.
  10. They had a B-17 and a B-24 there as well that I got to crawl around in. You could go up in one for a couple hundred bucks but my attention was on the P-40 and P-51 two seaters they had there. Those were upwards of 2k to fly. If my girlfriend hadn't just moved in I probably would have emptied my bank account to make that happen. Instead, logic and responsibility prevailed and I'll just have to save up for next time.
  11. The B-25 will be flyable eventually. The story behind the real "Tondelayo" B-25 is insane.
  12. If you use super glue to put them together they're the only thing more durable than an old Nokia phone
  13. Congrats, buddy! Hope it is as enjoyable as you have no doubt been imagining!
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