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  1. Finally got it. When I updated Windows for some reason I couldn't get the internet through my router. I could get through with a hotspot off my phone, so I knew it wasn't the computer. But I forgot what I set my router info to and had to do a factory reset and reconfigure everything. After that I got internet but ran into this connection issue with IL-2. Considering I could log into the game I figured it wasn't a computer firewall issue (after pretty much eliminating it as a variable in every way possible) so I went into the router and disabled the firewall there. Ta-DAAA! Boom, I'm in.
  2. Did that, still nothing Did that, too. No dice. I don't even know what that is, but after googling it I can say the answer is no. Not sure about network drivers because it works for everything else.
  3. Yeah I tried that and it didn't work either.
  4. Upgraded to Windows 10 after years of begrudgingly giving Microsoft the middle finger about their forced update nonsense so long ago. Now IL-2 Sturmovik won't connect to multiplayer servers. Every time I select one and try to connect, regardless of which one it is, it just freezes until it times out and kicks me back to the title screen with a "Cannot connect to server" error. I tried removing the firewall and a few other things and nothing has solved the issue. I even reinstalled the game. Nothing. Any suggestions? Searching the il-2 forums has brought up nothing.
  5. To me there is no jet as gorgeous as the F-14. None.
  6. I keep forgetting how to post screens to this forum
  7. It might show up on your six, if I do it right. Hopefully I'm not the guy that makes skynet real.
  8. I have sent an e-mail to the above address.
  9. note to self: delay premier until Youtube has enough time to render full HD version. Premiers in 360p aren't great...
  10. premier at 6:15 PM PST (9:15 EST) today (Jan 27)! This is a longer form video with commentary. Run time is over 30 minutes.
  11. It's really not that difficult. Especially considering that most pilots don't know how to squeeze the most out of those lemons.
  12. Surprised, and happy, to know these guys are still hard at work on this sim! Will have to get my hands on the code and begin dabbling with it, that is if I even know enough about coding to make sense of it at this point.
  13. Especially considering this was armor piercing AND INCENDIARY ammo being employed. This armament of 6 .50s was almost universally used on American aircraft (with a few notable exceptions) and was considered by most American pilots in the European theater to be sufficient even against aircraft with armor and sealing fuel tanks. Flying Japanese planes is like dousing yourself in gasoline and then having someone shoot roman candles at you.
  14. It has long been a dream of mine to program the AI pilots into being something worth flying against in single player and not merely bullet sponges usable only as a tool to calibrate my Mk.II eyeballs for lead computing. I am only beginning to learn coding as a career path but I would like to know exactly what it is I need to know to start messing with the programming of bots. I have been encouraged in this by the fairly recent Alpha Dogfight trials which left me rather unimpressed with the performance of AI. I was thinking about using IL-2 1946 for this but I am unsure if the source code is
  15. I had a similar experience with the Mig-21 in one of the quick missions. I got hit by a AA unit while on my bomb run. Heard a *BANG* immediately after pickle and the plane rolled 3 times before I got it level and pulled out of the dive. Had to keep it above 450kmh to keep it stable. Was able to land at home base coming across the threshold at that speed. Pucker factor 125/100 going into final with flaps up, full rudder and aileron just trying to stay level. Blew the right main gear on touchdown and left the runway but came to a stop rubber side down. Kicking myself in the pants for not
  16. Do not confuse the exception to the rule as refutation of the rule. Sure, a good pilot can kill a bad pilot while flying inferior aircraft. I've done it. A lot. But this is an exception. The vast majority of pilots don't really know how to fight. They're going to make a lot of mistakes. They'll win because they have better equipment or their opponent makes more mistakes. Then there's always going to be the newb who tries to turn with a Zero or just can't see anything until it shoots him in the back of the head. Unless it is some kind of dynamic campaign you won't get any number
  17. The Pacific Theater is a horrible theater for multiplayer in every respect. You have one side that is not an industrial power against the largest industrial power that had ever existed in the world in that time. One side used long range to strike from ranges so great their opponents couldn't touch them. Nobody wants to spend 6 hours flying to their target. People fly like they can't be bothered to RTB in eastern theater maps where the home base is only 10 minutes away as it is. So, realistic scenarios for most of the early pacific theater are out of the question. By the time the Japanese
  18. I had fun in that Ghost Skies Campaign. IIRC that was one of the catalysts for us playing both sides in every campaign. I got a couple good fights in that and had fun but, yeah, American machines controlled the fight completely as long as they didn't get complacent and slow. I have flown Zeros against F6F hellcats and Corsairs in 1946 and you just have to be way ahead of their attacks. It's a lot like fighting Bf-109s in CloD in a Hurricane or Mk.1 Spit. Drag them down to the deck where they can't dive away and beat the snot out of them. Granted, shooting IJN/IJA planes in Am
  19. Thanks! I wasn't too happy about giving up the advantage to that P-38 but luckily he couldn't really get a bead on me. When reviewing the track he tried to bail out right after the 109 attacked him but was going too fast and ended up just ditching it. I was very surprised the Spitfire chased me for so long. Hopefully this next weekend I will be able to fly again.
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