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  1. I think the smoke and sparks from the .50s are a bit overdone but this does look pretty good. I'm more interested in the damage modeling than the hit effects.
  2. I got bounced by a P-51 on Combat Box and had no idea where he came from. Reviewing the recording left me with even more questions
  3. I'm glad to see McLaren back in the fight again! Was very cool to see them pick up their first podium in a long time. I think Hamilton's penalty was definitely justified although maybe Albon could have given him a little more room but I haven't scrutinized that completely. And it's easy to armchair general all of that when you're not in the middle of it. Still, Hamilton I think was a bit early getting on the throttle and couldn't quite hold as far inside as he should have. At any rate, Bottas has a nice lead to begin with. If he can keep this performance up over the entire season (unlike 2019, which he also started very strong) he could be the first person not Hamilton to win the championship since Rosberg. Who knows though, if Mercedes ends up with reliability issues it could be anybody's year. I'm definitely interested in how well Ferrari does next year with Leclerc and Sainz.
  4. Happy 4th! I had an excellent time!
  5. Bottas giving Hamilton some pressure. Hamilton made a mistake pushing out into Albon but at least he looks better than Vettel. I don't think Vettel is going to be staying in F1. His prospects are looking a bit grim with his performance over the last 2 or three years.
  6. Now I have questions not related to reshade
  7. Alanis Morisette has still got it! Holy cow. That is an excellent version of that song.
  8. I’d have to sell important body parts just to put fuel in it let alone buy it.
  9. Couple of coincidences I though were pretty humorous is that the Spitfire I killed was the same pilot I killed after he followed me down to the deck in a P-51 in the previous sortie, and the P-51 in this sortie was the same pilot in the last P-51 fight video I made. I’m starting to get confident in my ability to punish overconfident Mustang pilots.
  10. I would suggest Bodenplatte as the secondary considering how popular late war scenarios are in multiplayer servers, especially Combat Box. Though Stalingrad will still get you planes usable on the axis side even in those servers.
  11. Outside of the mold of what is being passed around here, but my fiance and I watched a four part docu-series on the German Einsatzgruppen and the atrocities committed by them. I think it was on Netflix. That was eye opening. Graphic. Really put some gruesome detail into the whole slaughterhouse that was Nazi Germany. Would definitely recommend it.
  12. Well Kliegmann was running it on Combat Box, so as long as J5 and WoL allow it I'll be okay. Only other servers I occasionally run is Finnish and TAW.
  13. I need to get the Hornet and the carrier. I’m surprised I don’t have it by now. Considering, you know, that it was part of my job to be on aircraft carriers and sit in F/A-18 cockpits...
  14. I’m going to have to get reshade again it looks like
  15. And speaking of draw distances I got a kill on Combat Box because I surprised a Spitfire at high altitude. I thought he popped into view pretty close and didn't think too much else of it until I looked at Tacview and saw the distance when he materializes was only slightly more than 2km!
  16. You know how long I've been waiting to have driveable tanks in a flight sim? Isn't that amazing? The sad thing is they have done a lot of things well, but like I said years ago the meat and potatoes of the game are seriously lacking and have been pretty much since the beginning.
  17. As much as I want to like this game and as much potential as it has I really dislike 1C/777's tendency to break this game in their attempts to fix it, in those few instances that they do try to fix something.
  18. Barton

    Zuper VR!

    I'd go with the Ninja, probably. The BMW is tempting though
  19. Barton

    Zuper VR!

    I had the pleasure of shooting a stranger's STI 2011 at the local gun range last year. With a 20 round magazine of plinking ammo I went to heaven. I shot the 6 target dueling tree from one side to the other without missing a single shot. My only miss was my first round at the 50 yard silhouette and by maybe 3 inches. The next two rounds rang it center mass. 19/20 the first time I ever touched one. I immediately regretted buying anything but one of those. That model was around $3500 or so. If I don't have a 2011 yet, I'm definitely not spending even more on a VR headset.
  20. Barton

    Zuper VR!

    I've seen .50 Cal rifles at my local gun store for less than that. I'd have a higher chance of surviving my fiance's reaction to that than spending $5k on a VR headset (which is still practically nil). Especially when I don't even use the $300 one I already have.
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