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  1. I did a double check of the BIOS and found the onboard sound option disabled. Should have been more thorough the first time through! Anyway, her audio is working and I have my flight sim rig geared up and ready to rock. Downloading updates now
  2. I was contemplating a PCIe soundcard since there are a couple of unused slots. Oh this wasn't for "me" in a round-a-bout way. I have my gaming PC. It was just a PC we found online for $300. Could hardly argue with the price. As far as I know I checked every menu and option of the BIOS and I found nothing for onboard audio. I checked the BIOS version and there is only one version newer than what it has. I may end up trying to uninstall the graphics card, delete the drivers, and then try to see if I can get everything working through the mobo before reinstalling the graphics card because right now the HDMI ports are the only thing recognized as audio outputs.
  3. So my Fiancé just got a desktop PC because a coworker needled her a little bit about using a laptop for her home office (she is a software developer). She bought the PC on craigslist and it's a mid-range gaming PC with a ASUS Crossfire V Formula - Z motherboard, 8GB RAM, GTX660 2GB video card, and a pair of SSD all running Windows 10. Everything seemed fine and dandy until we tried to use the audio jacks for her headset. Plugging the headset into the front jacks did nothing, and plugging them into the rear did nothing either. I looked into the sound settings and could only find audio for the HDMI connections. No options for anything else. I checked the device manager and could only see the NVIDIA audio for the graphics card. I checked the BIOS and couldn't see any options for audio. I checked drivers and got nowhere. I downloaded RealTek audio software and nothing changes. I even plugged in my bluetooth headset from my PC to see what would happen and it doesn't even get recognized. Thinking we may have to buy a dedicated soundcard? I told her to e-mail ASUS about it but considering the MOBO is from 2012 and the last update to the BIOS was 2014 I'm not sure what kind of support she will be able to get. Any ideas?
  4. I worked with a guy who used to use apostrophe's whenever a word was plural. Drove me nut's.
  5. The thing about AI turning against humanity is that it is possible and even likely. Maybe inevitable, and if so it will ljkely come from the defense sector. AI currently lacks two things that will be necessary for that to happen, though. These are things we have innately: the desire to survive and reproduce. The desire to survive will be provided to AI by combat, as it will be programmed to consider its survival lest it wantonly meander through a minefield or into a kill zone. Remember that you don't win a war by dying for your country, you win a war by making the other dumb bastard die for his, as Patton so eloquently put it. Eventually AI will design and assemble units with more speed , efficiency, and accuracy than can be achieved by or with hairless apes. It will be pretty easy to prevent AI from doing a Skynet style takeover while the control for power and the supply of raw materials is firmly in the hands of humans. The problem is that these sectors are also hazardous for humans and perfectly suited for smart AI driven machines, so we will be fine right up until we aren't.
  6. Eventually air dominance aircraft will be entirely designed and piloted by AI with minimal human oversight. I can envision a B-52 "mothership" loaded with 4 unmanned stealth, supersonic, 20+g capable, AESA radar equipped, air to air missile loaded air superiority drones connected via a secure data link to a cloud-like data system feeding a central AI that identifies and prioritizes threats and then gives specific commands to each individual drone in real time to eliminate enemy equipment in the most effective and efficient manner. It will be impossible for an aircraft with a human pilot to compete with.
  7. nvm I got it. turns out when I cloned my 250GB SSD to a 500GB one it copied the volume size so I had to expand it to use the full storage space available.
  8. trying to D/L it right now. failed to update twice so far
  9. Those Montemayor videos are legendary. I love the ones on the Coral Sea and Guadalcanal.
  10. I agree with Moxy. Once you removed the USB connection the problem went away you have isolated your cause. Either find a way to replace these USB ports on your PC tower and the board that goes with them or use another USB hub. You could take those USB ports out and examine them for obvious shorts as well and see if you can eliminate it that way, or just cut and safe off the wires to the broken USB port. Lots of ways to go about it but I'm very confident that your mother board is fine.
  11. When you have a good design, you have a good design. I'd imagine one could say the same about the F-15 and F-16 designers, and most certainly the designers of the B-52!
  12. It's always a heart sinking feeling to hear silence... Hopefully the engine can be rebuilt. As for calling 4-0 Charlie lol the Mercedes I had before I got the Challenger had a water temp gauge in it that read 40c, and yes I definitely did "call 4-0- charlie" in my head to myself when it came up to temp.
  13. I'm not sure the squadron is going to take an official stance on this issue but as it seems to me the great battles iteration is going to remain our main simulator for WW2 as it does have more theaters and aircraft availability. At the moment I would say you might be better served by getting Bodenplatte, but if you can only get one or the other I might advise you to hold off for a couple weeks and see how things pan out.
  14. I was very surprised he didn't get annihilated by the ju-88 tailgunners sitting dead six like that on two of them. But still pretty cool. One thing I noticed was the horizon. Not sure I like how the desert looked transitioning to the horizon. Not sure if that is a graphics settings issue though.
  15. Congrats, buddy! Hell my wedding is planned for next June too lol
  16. I'm talking about specifically a 1v1 with a gentleman's pass like GS likes to do as in the above video. Multiplayer server combat situations are completely different. That's one of the reasons I don't do 1v1s anymore.
  17. I learned a lot in a 1v1 situation that the best thing you can do is go vertical. Especially in equal planes. Getting the energy advantage gives you the initiative in the fight and if you avoid making mistakes you can dominate from the second merge onward. anyone who doesn’t immediately go vertical in a 1v1 doesn’t know what they are doing. And I say that as someone who had to learn that the hard way by having someone whoop my ass until I got it.
  18. I like this guys channel but he isn’t the best pilot. He sees the opponent going into the vertical and just assumes it’s for vis as if he is totally unaware of the maneuvering egg. I watched some of his WW2 1v1s and he makes a lot of mistakes
  19. I think the smoke and sparks from the .50s are a bit overdone but this does look pretty good. I'm more interested in the damage modeling than the hit effects.
  20. I got bounced by a P-51 on Combat Box and had no idea where he came from. Reviewing the recording left me with even more questions
  21. I'm glad to see McLaren back in the fight again! Was very cool to see them pick up their first podium in a long time. I think Hamilton's penalty was definitely justified although maybe Albon could have given him a little more room but I haven't scrutinized that completely. And it's easy to armchair general all of that when you're not in the middle of it. Still, Hamilton I think was a bit early getting on the throttle and couldn't quite hold as far inside as he should have. At any rate, Bottas has a nice lead to begin with. If he can keep this performance up over the entire season (unlike 2019, which he also started very strong) he could be the first person not Hamilton to win the championship since Rosberg. Who knows though, if Mercedes ends up with reliability issues it could be anybody's year. I'm definitely interested in how well Ferrari does next year with Leclerc and Sainz.
  22. Happy 4th! I had an excellent time!
  23. Bottas giving Hamilton some pressure. Hamilton made a mistake pushing out into Albon but at least he looks better than Vettel. I don't think Vettel is going to be staying in F1. His prospects are looking a bit grim with his performance over the last 2 or three years.
  24. Now I have questions not related to reshade
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