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What do the ~C etc mean in the columns.dcg file?


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we're making progress with our Western Front campaign but just a couple of issues I'd ask to be clarified...


Below is a sample cut from our columns.dcg file.  Can you explain what each of the ~ letters indicate.  I thought I understood all but I'm not sure about ~C and ~R (retreating??)

Additionally, as you can see at the bottom, there are some trains which have legitimate locations and are ~A (active) and yet do not show up in the generated mission (I generated a couple of missions to check) in the Chiefs list.  Any idea why that would be?  Thanks.


31_Chief Ships.Tramp 1 @Blank $Tramp_31 ~X

32_Chief Armor.4-M5A1Stuart 1 @Rouen_Factory $4-M5A1Stuart_32 $4-M5A1Stuart_32 ~A
33_Chief Armor.4-M5A1Stuart 1 @Rouen_Factory $4-M5A1Stuart_33 $4-M5A1Stuart_33 ~A
34_Chief Armor.2-M4A2_US 1 @Abbeville $4-M4A2_US_34 $4-M4A2_US_34 ~C
35_Chief Armor.4-M4A2_US 1 @Dieppe $4-M4A2_US_35 $4-M4A2_US_35 ~L
38_Chief Vehicles.GermanyCarsColumnM 2 @St_Pol $GermanyCarsColumnM_38 $GermanyCarsColumnM_38 ~R
39_Chief Vehicles.GermanyCarsColumnM 2 @Cambrai $GermanyCarsColumnM_39 $GermanyCarsColumnM_39 ~C
40_Chief Vehicles.GermanyCarsColumnN 2 @Abbeville_Bridge611 $GermanyCarsColumnN_40 $GermanyCarsColumnN_40 ~C
41_Chief Vehicles.GermanyCarsColumnM 2 @Abbeville_Bridge611 $GermanyCarsColumnM_41 $GermanyCarsColumnM_41 ~C
45_Chief Vehicles.GermanyCarsColumnH 2 @St_Pol $GermanyCarsColumnH_45 $GermanyCarsColumnH_45 ~R
46_Chief Vehicles.GermanyCarsColumnH 2 @Drucat_Airfield $GermanyCarsColumnH_46 $GermanyCarsColumnH_46 ~A
47_Chief Vehicles.GermanyCarsColumnH 2 @Abbeville_Bridge611 $GermanyCarsColumnH_47 $GermanyCarsColumnH_47 ~C
100_Chief Vehicles.GrKolonne 2 @Maubeuge_Depot $GrKolonne_100 $GrKolonne_100 ~L
101_Chief Vehicles.GrKolonneHT 2 @Arras_Depot $GrKolonneHT_101 $GrKolonneHT_101 ~L
102_Chief Vehicles.GrKolonneFuel 2 @Aachen_Depot $GrKolonneFuel_102 $GrKolonneFuel_102 ~L
200_Chief Trains.Germany_CargoTrain/AA 2 @Liege_Station $Germany_CargoTrain ~A
201_Chief Trains.Germany_CargoTrainA/AA 2 @Aachen_Station $Germany_CargoTrain ~A
202_Chief Trains.Germany_CargoFuelTrain 2 @Blank $Germany_CargoTrain ~X
203_Chief Trains.Germany_CargoTrain 2 @Diest_Station $Germany_CargoTrain ~A

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Thanks Paul,

One other question, what is indicated with the repeating of the information after the $ sign, as shown below, the info after the $ is repeated twice and is the same as the Chief info at the start of the line.

Does it mean that it is a larger column using the same Chief??


39_Chief Vehicles.GermanyCarsColumnM 2 @Cambrai $GermanyCarsColumnM_39 $GermanyCarsColumnM_39 ~C


Thanks again,


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thanks.  I don't know why the text is repeated in most of the lines.  It doesn't seem to affect the spawning of the vehicles although a couple of columns in the same location take quite some time to unclog themselves with vehicles backing up, turning, backing up etc trying to get on to the road.


So just to clarify...

~C means troops in contact (i.e. fighting)

~R means the object is retreating

~A means active (will appear in the .mis file)

~L means in a location but will not appear in the latest generated mission

~X means "out of action" for this particular generated mission

~T means "in transit" which normally means an object is "onboard" a ship being transported


What is the specific difference between ~X and ~L  ?


Sidebar question:  We are currently using DCG 3.47 with HSFX and the Western Front 44 map.  If I Imported the latest campaign info into 3.49 would it cause any major issues?


thanks again.


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