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Guten Tag die Herren,


I proceed on the assumption that this board is the successor of the DCG board and therefore maybe anbody can help me.


We actually playing around with the DCG and Zuti's MDS. Everything works fine, but is it possible to make DCG generating a new mission once blue or red has reached it's mission targets ? We found a thread in the Ultrapack board where people were talking about "script" that automatically generates a new mission but unfortunately we did not receive any reply on our requests and PM's.


A function like this would be great to run a DCG & MDS server 24/7.


Thanks a lot & Horrido !



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Sorry Spies, my bad. This is about UP 2.1n.


I'm aware that UP 3.0 actually doesn't work with DCG due to the log problem, but we all hope and pray that Paul will take a look into it as soon as it is final.




Good to know that I'm not alone on the planet ;) It seems that there are servers already running, but I have no clue how they managed it.





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Spies, glad to hear you have a mod for the eventlog.


As I don't have any mods installed, it's rather difficult to add code to DCG to work with them. And with two major mods (and I don't know how many minor ones), I don't really want to start "chasing" them with DCG. If the mods eventually make it into an IL-2 patch, that's great, but until then, I have other things I'd rather do with my time.


DCG is over 10 years old now. I never imagined when I started it, that I'd have to support it for so long....

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Your authoring & support of LDCG over many years has been very much appreciated by the sim comunity.


You're right in saying that there is somewhat of a divergence in IL2, with UP3.0, HSFX, IL21946 4.101 (TD). This has presented problems with DCG as each has added/changed game objects & thus, also the game log file, including adding new logged events etc. Of course, all these changes make it virtually impossible to keep LDCG supported for each 'version' of the mods.


Would you consider releasing the LDCG code for the community to maintain as as an 'open source' project?

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