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Fokker D.VII f


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D.VIIf....she turns mighty good at ground level, folks....mighty good   :D   Even with altitude throttle fully off.  That wing is now doing what it's supposed to do.  It's not quite a Camel, but if you're in a Camel and you screw up or get a little lazy or overconfident, you're going to be in for a surprise.


Inside of the cockpit is now exactly the same as the standard D.VII, not somehow different, like in RoF.  I was able to copy my snapviews file for the FC standard D.VII, and just rename the file for the D.VIIf....voila, I didn't have to make another entire set.  It worked perfectly.  If you looked closely you might notice some differences in the engine you see in front of you, and of course the altitude throttle control in the cockpit.


Didn't have any problem with the prop hitting the ground, either.  Didn't have to drag the tail on takeoff just to avoid that, like in RoF.


I should have checked the specs, maybe they said something about altitude throttle settings.  I had it full on at 2,000 m indicated and suffered no problem.


Seems very fast in a dive but that's a relative thing.  Easily surpasses the max anemometer reading (260 Kph) without structural damage.  It will be hard to know beyond that when you're in the danger zone, using full-real gauges only.


Like the standard D.VII, lands beautifully too.  Settles onto 3 points nicely, and that's a feature not often found in RoF; realistic feeling flight physics.

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