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"Man At War" Virtual Pilot Documentary


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I found this on the Warbirds of Prey (Spits vs 109s) forums:


There is a brand new HBO documentary film about virtual flying. More than one hour about American' date=' Polish German and Russian pilots, their families, their passion, also a bit of hate between nations and some virtual squadrons, and about Il2 of course (but not mentioned) :Wink: The movie is in 4 languages, hopefully soon with English subtitles... It has already been shown in HBO in Poland, and (maybe) it will be distributed worldwide later...




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I like how the one guy's mom is talking to him and all he does is cock his head a little and moan. It reminds me of evenings when my daughters are particularly annoying my wife and I've gone back to my office to fly GS. My wife will pop in, normally around takeoff, and start venting to me.

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I'm pretty certain it's IL-2 1946. There are a couple clips with 3D pilots in the cockpit but I'm thinking it's some sort of add in to give it a livelier feel for people that don't play the game. I bet the in-game scenes are staged or rendered afterward but you can see the cockpit view while the guys are playing it, it's IL-2.

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