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debriefing says i died but i didn't die


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13 hours ago, genericpilot said:

does DCG have different conditions for pilot death? my stats always get reset every few missions but i haven't gotten the player: killed message ever pop up.

Stats get reseted when you die, if you have set the "Reset stats on death" or something in DCG


How about you start a new campaign and show us the log file?

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He mentions he is using the BAT mod from Special Aircraft Service. It is huge and I have no idea what they changed with it?

Not sure if this may help but something I ran into quite often with dogfight missions is to have two instances of yourself in the game at the same time when you bailed out. If you bail out high enough and close to a HomeBase you can actually watch the previous parachute version of yourself land from the cockpit of your current aircraft. Once in awhile I was even able to get respawned, takeoff, and then buzz the previous version of myself hanging in the parachute. The game despawns your aircraft when you hit refly but not the parachute version of you which the log file keeps tracking. Makes for some screwy debriefs when it shows you were captured and landed safely or died and landed safely, etc.


[3:12:31 AM] Wheels:P-38L_Late in flight at 269058.47 51192.055
[3:18:14 AM] Wheels:P-38L_Late damaged by Me-210Ca-1 at 279461.56 74451.95
[3:18:36 AM] Wheels:P-38L_Late(0) bailed out at 277612.53 72732.71
[3:19:10 AM] Wheels:P-38L_Late shot down by Me-210Ca-1 at 273995.4 74476.305

[3:19:18 AM] Wheels:P-38L_Late(0) successfully bailed out at 276643.84 72091.586 - (I suspect this is where the aircraft and the parachute version became two entities?)
[3:19:18 AM] Wheels:P-38L_Late(0) was captured at 276643.84 72091.586 - (The plane crashed or despawned in this location.)
[3:19:18 AM] Wheels entered refly menu
[3:19:27 AM] Wheels:P-38L_Late(0) seat occupied by Wheels at 268040.12 51157.66
[3:19:27 AM] Wheels:P-38L_Late loaded weapons '2xtree' fuel 80%
[3:20:16 AM] Wheels:P-38L_Late in flight at 269031.78 51323.78
[3:21:10 AM] Wheels:P-38L_Late(0) successfully bailed out at 276493.62 71915.15 - (I think this is logging the parachute from the previous flights version of me opening?)
[3:21:10 AM] Wheels:P-38L_Late(0) was captured at 276493.62 71915.15  - (The parachute version of me from the previous flight landed in this location and just shy of one minute after I had taken off in the next flight.)
These two 3:21:10 events are actually just one event logged as two. The first 3:21:10 event is when the parachute version of my earlier pilot despawned and the second 3:21:10 event is when the game considered me captured since I was behind enemy lines. Both events happened at the exact same location and at the exact same time. You land, discard the parachute, and run to a spot and lay down face first. This is the location that was logged and after about 60 seconds you will despawn and trigger both message to be added to the logfile.  
[3:26:00 AM] 528_Chief0 destroyed by Wheels:P-38L_Late at 304035.34 50635.496
[3:27:22 AM] 520_Chief0 destroyed by Wheels:P-38L_Late at 303964.94 50563.035


By using the same aircraft for both flights it made it difficult for me to know what was happening but once I used two different types of aircraft it became obvious what had happened.


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On 8/28/2020 at 8:51 PM, Lowengrin said:

Back in the day when I flew online, dead was dead until the server spawned a new mission.

Never found a COOP server program that ran independently and rotated missions in the same manner as a dogfight server. The Player of the host machine actually always had to start the missions. I have seen really old posts, I think at the Ubisoft 1C/Maddox forums which have been practically dead for just about a decade now, and I have run across a website time and again, I keep losing it, describing just such an animal but to me it may as well have been a Unicorn. 🙃

I have seen some pretty heated discussions regarding that very spawn discrepancy in my day. Not sure how you would address it even with a range limitation considering you can spawn within sight of the prior version of yourself, without disabling the Refly option until the prior parachute version of yourself was removed from the map. 


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