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Info for FiF Autumn 2020


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S! All,

This has been a quick shift to RoF.  I have tried to get some pictures together for basic info.




 Even numbered mission Map


Odd numbered mission map




Objectives for each side


Entente                                                        Central

Bridge   (Destroy gun on bridge)                 Bridge  (Destroy gun on bridge)  

Factory                                                        Factory

Aerodrome (Destroy gun in oil drums)        Aerodrome (Destroy gun in oil drums)

Arty Spot                                                     Arty Spot

Recon HQ                                                   Recon HQ

Recon Front Line                                        Destroy ship moving on a river

General Capture                                         Spy pick up

Destroy Front line weak point                     Destroy Spy secondary target

Destroy Reserve unit                                  Destroy reserve unit

Destroy Arty Spot secondary                      Destroy Arty Spot secondary

Destroy vehicles at HQ                               Destroy vehicles at HQ

Destroy Recon Secondary                          Destroy Recon Secondary

Rof Trench.jpg

Rof spy.jpg

Rof General.jpg

Rof factory.jpg

Rof bridge.jpg




Rof aerodrome.jpg

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A few reminders.


Saturday, 10, October, at 2:00 pm Eastern North American time,  hostilities begin.    Server will be up at 1:45 so people can get online and see what the targets are.

Please remember their is a flack fence. You need to be higher than 1000 meters to cross the front.

Check Red and Blue team areas on discord to see if there are any plans.

Sorry for the late decision on teams. Teams should try and select commanders or get some type of structure set up.

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