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  1. JokerBR Mercenary (old blue team member) gmt-3 (Brazil)
  2. Late to the poll, but I'm in on whatever sim is used for FIF (RoF or FC). Cheers.
  3. Hi guys, S! all. Any news about this Saturday (10/28/2017) session? Will it occur or is it still postponed until further notice?
  4. Interesting. Read somewhere an idea involving an ace AI plane that was some sort of hijacking mission for a test plane, where after downing this new AI plane, someone would need to go to a specific enemy airfield, land, and take off with an "uberplane" (a model higher than the currently available on the mission), bringing it home. Kept it in my head as I found it a very cool idea. On the other hand, it is strange that while I was flying the rescue pilot mission, there were several messages stating that the drop wreath mission was completed (green) - and I was thinking "what is this?" - but then almost in the end of the mission I was notified about an ace plane circling on sector Q-Beta. Got there and downed him, less than 10 min to mission's end. Are there more than one ace AI flying in the same mission? Otherwise, the message saying that the wreath drop was completed shouldn't appear, as the trigger (downing the AI ace) wasn't done until the last minute, and the mission should be active again only after mission restart, right? Will try the wreath drop mission today and see how it goes. Cheers.
  5. Hi Butzzell, tried the mission today. It is working perfectly, and the "sense of danger" is there. Just to clarify ( I haven't tested this ): to pick up the pilot, it is mandatory to land the plane on the aerodrome or can we land near the ambulance, outside the airfield? I'm asking because when I played the ambulance didn't quite get to the aerodrome, but stopped nearby in an adjacent field. I landed at the aerodrome and the mission worked, but I felt I would be more "protected" if landed nearby the ambulance because there were some trees there. In the last 5 min I found the ace AI enemy pilot and shot it down, but unfortunately without time to get to his aerodrome and hijack the plane afterwards. Hope to try it today. So far, excellent work on the missions. New FiF will be a blast with the new variations.
  6. I like it very much, this has all the elements of the original plan on it: the bombing (even more dangerous because the AA), the alert, the waiting, etc. I would like to do this mission.
  7. The AA between the oil drums is a must. I think that the Aerodrome target is the easiest of all: drop a single (small) bomb over your shoulder and get it done, you don't even need to be accurate. Sure an AA at the same spot will heat up things a little. I got shot in the face two times while approaching an AA truck for strafing - they *are* deadly. As for the alert about the prisoner, it was to simulate the guards noticing his escape and alerting the vicinity positions... in this case, it has nothing to do with the "fog of war", but rather try to mimic real life during prison escapes: they were most often short-lived. Perhaps the prison can shoot some flares out (i.e. a red flare every 30s x 3 times) instead of a screen message. This will bring the attention to someone flying nearby (if any). Taking into consideration that this will happens way back into enemy territory, and the majority of enemy flights will be at the front or beyond, there's less chance to be seen, but still there is some. Of course we can simply forget this part if people think that this will rise the difficulty too much. In reality, any version of this mission (with or without the alert, or special building, etc) would be nice to have (in my opinion, of course). Perhaps starting with a simple version, just bombing a target, landing and picking up the POW is more than enough. After a few missions we can reassess and see if things need to be changed. Thanks for the insights about the "inner things" of a mission. These "little details" (optimizations) that we don't see while playing make the hard work made by the developers even more impressive. Cheers.
  8. S! Butzzell The idea isn't *only* to rescue the pilot, but "coordinate" actions and be pressed by timed movements. First, there is the bombing part, which is "easy" (see ** below) Then, there's a small waiting time until the ambulance can get to the target and leave with our pilot (in fact, there's no need to be an actual ambulance moving at the map - although it would be extra cool - but rather waiting a minute or two - perhaps random time?) During the waiting time, the team has two choices - the same plane that bombed the site can loiter nearby, trying to hid from enemy eyes (even landed and keeping engine running), or the team can coordinate with a second plane (a faster one?) arriving few minutes later just in time to pick up the pilot. Then there's the hardest part, where the enemy is alerted about the escape. Perhaps this alert should be raised at the same time that the pilot's team is notified that he is ready to be picked up - to spice things up and create some sort of a "race against time" scenario (one team still has to land and pick him up while the other team is already moving fighters to the area). Escape such scenario can prove difficult. Also, I would choose a new place, without AA guns, to represent a prison: let's say a factory site (not the actual factory target, but a different one) - or even a city!. Small damage to the buildings would be enough, since our objective isn't properly the destruction of the target, but rather the confusion needed to allow the resistance fellas to get in disguised as medics to rescue our pilot. I don't know if it is possible, but perhaps *avoid bombing a specific building* could be part of the mission, as our pilot would be held inside it during the bombing. If that particular building is hit by accident, the mission is a failure. **Things could even be made more complex, let's say, including triggers over nearby aerodromes for alerting enemies that a plane is approaching - much like balloons work today, but with reduced range. This would force the planes to actually plan a flight, in and out routes, and not just flight straight up to the target, to avoid being detected ahead of the time. But I digress... I don't have a clue about the complexity of doing any of this, I just know that the editor is some sort of black art, and I'm very happy with what we already have in FIF. Waiting for the next. Even purchased some extra packs for my planes on last sale. Cheers.
  9. The "rescue pilot" mission reminds me a mission that I tried to do to learn e editor so long ago. 1) bomb a building (prison) to create havoc 2) move an ambulance from a near town into the site and out (resistance taking the pilot out of prison disguised as medic) 3) park the ambulance on a field nearby 4) land the plane and take the pilot 5) at takeoff, alert the enemy team (message) of the impending escape and the location, so they can move in fighters to try to stop the flee 6) mission is completed only if landed at friendly territory
  10. I like the idea of capturing a plane. Maybe with time it should be selected from fighters and/or two seaters randomically too. A fighter can be used to kill opponents on his way home, but a two seater will have to sneak past enemy defenses and try to get home as fast as possible. Two different situations. Great idea, GenMarkof.
  11. Hi guys, quick: Where can I find the teamspeak address to connect before game? What is the room? Is there a password? Tried to find those info around forums and posts regarding FIF XXII, to no avail. Cheers JoKeR
  12. Hi all. If there is still time, I would like to participate: Joker_BR no squadron no preferred side GMT-3 ​ Cheers
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