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DCS Heatblur Eurofighter Typhoon


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33 minutes ago, Ludwig said:

does this mean the F/a-18 hold an advantage or disadvantage in the current atmosphere ?

A significant advantage. The Hornet is a nose authority dogfighter. The only jet in DCS that can match it in that area is the MiG-29. However, the MiG-29 can only do that if he can maintain his corner speed (750ish KPH).  

A decent Hornet driver will tighten down his turn which forces the 29 to either match it (which slows him down opening his turn allowing the Hornet to out rate him) or maintain his turn giving the Hornet a snap shot when the 29 crosses his nose. The 29 still has some tricks he can pull but all things being equal (pilot skill). The Hornet can currently beat every fighter in DCS in a guns dogfight. That will change when the Typhoon gets released. Its is the best Gen 4+ NATO nose authority fighter in the world. 

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The “Air Quake” part is referencing the public servers that cater to air to air engagements and the population tends to pick the aircraft with the highest chance of winning (currently the Hornet). The flight winds up being takeoff, fire everything you have, probably get shot down, respawn and repeat.

This is opposed to objective based servers and servers with limited virtual lives over several hours that make survival an incentive.

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