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Being a real noob to FC1&2, just purchased the sim about 2 weeks ago. Not knowing where else to go, I landed here. I think this is the info you required. I am interested in WWI simulation only. At least at this time. I am requesting assistance in how to get started. Thank you.

1. Time zone is US East Coast GMT-5

2.I have a TM Warthog Throttle and HOTAS

3. TeamSpeak is not d/l or installed. I do have Discord

4. I have Track IR 5 with the sensor attached to my headset

5. I currently have DCS and IL2 FC1&2 but mostly an spectator in DCS and have attempted to fly in FC1&2 but need help, please

6. I found JG1 from JG1 Hotlead Twitch site

7. nothing that you need to know

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